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Sacred lake before rain

08-16-2012 08:25 BJT Special Report:This is Tibet |

The Yamzhog Yumco Lake before rain [Photo/China Tibet Online]

Yamzhog Yumco lake is one of the three sacred lakes in Tibetan area, located in Nangarze County of Lhoka Prefecture. Nangarze County is a semi-agricultural and semi-pastoral area. And since animal husbandry overtakes agriculture, it is named "Yamzhog (meadowland on high mountains)". The Yamzhog Yumco Lake is blue and clear like a sapphire, hence its name of Yumco, meaning the turquoise lake.

At the best scenic spot, there is a rural team who offer yaks for tourists to take pictures at the cost of 10 yuan each time. A farmer can earn 100 yuan a day if his business is good.

As in the rainy season, farmers are not surprised to see rain coming down and drive their yaks back home.

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