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Beijing beat Xinjiang 94-88, need one more win for CBA title


03-27-2014 14:12 BJT

The CBA Finals saw Beijing Ducks host Xin Jiang Flying Tigers at the home stadium. A match that both sides couldn’t afford to lose. The capital club need a win to fetch game point. And the visiters hope to pull level after their first victory of the best of 7 series in Game 3.

Beijing Ducks earned a 94-88 home victory over Xinjiang Guanghui, leading 3-1 in the best-of-seven Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league finals on Wednesday.
Beijing Ducks earned a 94-88 home victory over Xinjiang Guanghui, leading 3-1 in
the best-of-seven Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) league finals on Wednesday.

Having received an awkward record in Game 3 as Beijing made their three pointers 2 for 21, the Ducks quickly found themselves in Game 4, as shots from Ji Zhe, Sun Yue and Li Gen made a strong start for the hosts.

But the flying tigers were not left behind as their center Tang Zhengdong, facing Beijing’s Zhang Songtao one on one, and put it in.

And then Yang Jingmin dribbled and beat the buzzer for two, as Xin Jiang closed it within three points in the first quarter.

Coming to the second quarter, Randolph Morris scored ten points in the quarter helped Beijing expanded their lead to 12 points. Morris collected a 25 points.

Lester Hudson stood it out for Xinjiang, he quickly dribbled to the front court and closes the rim, half time, Xinjiang were 41-47 behind.

And the match became more fierce in the third quarter as Morris poped up and his super slam dunk injured Su Wei of Xinjing. So powerful as you can see the blood on Su’s browbone.

Stephon Marbury, who scored a total of 23 points, injured his elbow when he made the lay-up.

Following Sun Yue’s free throw, Beijing expanded the lead to 21 points.

It seemed that the Ducks had put the win into the pocket, but Xinjiang started to chase as Zhang Qingpeng came from downtown, the flying tigers cut the deficit to 7 points.

Hudson, who colleced a game high 27 points, made his three pointer to close the margin within 5 points in the fourth qurater.

Then Sun Yue came to rescue, Beijing couldn’t find the chance to attack, Zhang Songtao found Sun with 1 second left, Sun made his effort, right in as Beijing led by 83-76.

Although Zhang Qingpeng tried to save the visitors with his two crazy three pointer, the Ducks finally sealed the victory by 94-88, coming to the game point. Game 5 will start on Friday.

"I want to quote something that was all over the internet before the match. It was ’fighting for your life’. When you fight hardest, you think of nothing but fighting for the ball. You won’t have pressure. Even though there were difficulties and we gave up the lead, we held our nerve and won. That was because of our mental strength. In matches like this, strategy is second, while mental toughness is first." Beijing Ducks coach Min Lulei said.

"Every player knows the mission of playing in the finals. We fought hard throughout the match. We lost, but we have not lost hope. I firmly believe we’ll play better in the next game after making some adjustments." Xinjiang Flying Tigers coach Cui Wanjun said.

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