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CCTV interview with murder suspect in East China attack


06-01-2014 13:02 BJT

CCTV has spoken to one of the attackers, "Zhang Lidong" in a detention house in ZhaoYuan in Shandong Province. He said that they killed the woman because she was an "evil spirit".

Zhang Lidong was one of six attackers involved in the incident. He’s also the father of three of the other suspects. He used to be a businessman selling medicines before he joined the Church of Almighty God. Now he is unemployed.

Zhang explained what caused them to attack the woman that night.

Why did you beat her at that night?

"Because she is a monster. She is an evil spirit." Zhang said.

Zhang said they were trying to persuade the woman to join the Church of Almighty God. They asked her for her cell phone number. When she refused, they attacked her.

What were you thinking when you attacked her?

"She refused to give us her phone number, saying "leave me alone". Then my daughter said she is not a good person - she is a demon, an evil spirit." Zhang said.

Did you, or any of your companions, know her?

"No." Zhang said.

Did you ever think of the law?

"Never." Zhang said.

Were you afraid of being punished?

"We are not afraid of the law. We have faith in God." Zhang said.

Then how do you feel now?

"I feel great." Zhang said.

The "Church of Almighty God" is a cult in China and was first founded in Central China’s Henan Province in the 1990s.

Local police authorities have vowed to continue to crack down on illegal activities carried out by cults to protect public safety.

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