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Thousands converge in Roswell to mark 1947 UFO incident


07-06-2014 10:40 BJT

While the rest of the U-S celebrated Independence Day, thousands of people were converging in the town of Roswell for an entirely different reason. 67 years ago this week, true believers say a UFO crashed in the desert outside this town in the state of New Mexico.

Like it or not, a UFO - or at least the specter of aliens - put Roswell, New Mexico on the map.
Roswell is basically in the middle of nowhere.

But the attraction to "what’s out there" is strong enough to lure more than 175-thousand people a year to this UFO Museum in the heart of the town.

This much is agreed upon.Sometime in early July of 1947, some kind of wreckage was found on a ranch about 70-miles outside of the city. The U.S. military first said it was a "flying saucer." Then, quicker than you can say "E-T," the Army back-tracked and said it was just the remnants of a weather balloon.

To this day, people wonder, of all the places on earth -- why would aliens pick rural New Mexico to visit.

Don Schmitt is an author who has written a number of books on Roswell. He claims to have interviewed 600 or so people associated with the "event."

Schmitt is convinced this was the trigger that interested aliens in our world.
The atomic age was ushered in at the Trinity site, just a few hours drive from where the UFO allegedly crashed.
Despite an ounce of tangible proof-people believe.

Each year, there are an estimated 70-thousand reported UFO sightings. That comes out to about 192 a day. Still, there has never been a confirmed tracking of a UFO entering earth’s atmosphere-at least, not that we know. Laughed at, or ridiculed for decades, many who "believe" point to studies that show nearly half the people in the U.S. are convinced that UFOs are real.

As the only registered lobbyist in Washington on extraterrestrial issues, Stephen Bassett says he is fighting for an end to the "truth embargo." Others call it, the Washington cover-up.

There’s one other thing UFO believers don’t have Any physical proof AT ALL --that aliens have been here.So until they get their hands on that evidence-or aliens come in from the dark-believers will have to continue poring over old newsprint, grainy photos and sticking to their imagination.






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