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China war documentary: explores first Sino-Japanese War


07-27-2014 00:08 BJT

The documentary on the First Sino-Japanese War of 1894 to 1895 premiered in Beijing on Friday to mark the war's 120th anniversary. And, China Central Television is also launching a new documentary in August, called "The Rise and Fall - the Beiyang Fleet History".

The four-episode documentary "Jiawu Jiawu", co-produced by the PLA National Defense University and the Central New Film Group, shows the disasters the war brought to China.

The war is commonly known in China as the War of Jiawu, as it began in the year of the wood horse, according to China's traditional calendar.

On July 25, 1894, a Japanese fleet attacked two Chinese vessels off the Korean port of Asan. At the time, Korea was a tributory of the Qing Empire. But by March 1895, the Chinese army and navy were routed, and for the first time China lost to Japan in a military conflict.

The Shimonoseki Treaty, signed to conclude the war, ceded the Liaodong Peninsula in north-east China, Taiwan and the nearby Penghu Islands, to Japan. China also paid Japan 200 million silver taels - equal to about 5.2 billion U.S. dollars today.

The documentary will be broadcast at 10 pm on August 3rd on the CCTV Science and Education channel.

Meanwhile, China Central Television's documentary channel is also launching another production - " The Rise and Fall - Beiyang Fleet History". The documentary consists of 6 episodes at 45 minutes each.

Due to the limitation of the footage left 120 years ago, the documentary production uses 3D technology to vividly reproduce the historical moments.

Experts say these documentaries have special historical significance to the development of China's navy today.

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