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'The Last Ship' sails to Comic Con

Reporter: Sanyee Yuan 丨 CCTV.com

07-28-2014 00:23 BJT

Hollywood film director Michael Bay, known for his big-budget action films, has entered the world of television with the new series The Last Ship. The action-drama is about a lone ship that has managed to avoid a worldwide pandemic that's killed off 80 percent of the population. Our Hollywood reporter meets up with the cast in San Diego.

After spending four months in the arctic sea under radio silence conducting what turns out to be meaningless naval exercises, the captain discovers that the majority of the world’s population is infected with a deadly virus. Playing the doctor that is working on the cure to save planet earth, Rhona Mitra knows instinctively what she brings to the table.

"A little bit of knowledge on how to save the human race is partially what she brings to the table. Hopefully the opportunity to find a cure to save our species," Rhona Mitra said.

Playing the executive office aboard the ship, actor Adam Baldwin brings what he says is a necessary contribution to the mission.

"My character he brings a sounding board in the chain of command for the Captain of the ship. I’m able to be a peer among peers. If the captain has a decision that he’s not sure about, he can come to his executive officer and say, am I making the right call? " Adam Baldwin said.

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane plays Captain Tom Chandler, a Navy man in charge of the 200 plus person crew aboard the U.S.S. Nathan James. As the ship travels around the world trying to complete their mission – to find habitable land and healthy people –Dane feels working on a ship isn’t always so easy.

"It’s been tough because the geographyof the (ship – the quarters are very tight. So sometimes you can get a little stilted but it’s been a lot of fun. I’m like a kid again," Eric Dane said.

The producers of the show believe that they develop characters through action – so The Last Ship has no shortage of it. Fortunately, the show provides just enough action to excite without going overboard. Executive Producer Hank Steinberg gave an exclusive reveal about Michael Bay and his participation next season.

"Michael Bay is very happy with everything that we’re doing and he might even direct one next year - which would be great," Hank Steinberg said.

Using the backdrop of San Diego’s Comic Con for their appearance, the stars were quick to thank all the fans that have come out to support the show.

"It’s quite a spectacle – Comic Con. I’ve never been so it’s my first time," Eric Dane said.

"It’s always amazing. I love it here. It’s sort of – I feel like I’m with my little family, my little dysfunctional orphanage," Rhona Mitra said.

The Last Ship consists of people realizing they can only do so much good in the world, which is riddled with evil. Bringing his expertly rendered combat scenes and vivid depictions of danger, Michael Bay provides excitement and suspense in this action-adventure tale. Will The Last Ship stay the course of the novel? Only time will tell if this crew has what it takes to save humanity.

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