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Daniel Radcliffe grows 'Horns'


08-03-2014 00:18 BJT

Whether it's a lightning scar on his forehead in 'Harry Potter' or goat horns in 'Horns', Daniel Radcliffe has a knack for picking characters who stand out.

In the movie, he plays a man who grows horns that prompt people around him to reveal their darkest secrets.

Daniel Radcliffe grows ‘Horns’

Daniel Radcliffe grows ‘Horns’

"His mom and dad tell him these awful things that they've been thinking about him and it's really upsetting. But also he does learn from that. And he is sort of formed by it in a sense. And in his relationship, as he goes on in the film, the relationship he develops with the idea of the devil, I think he comes to think of the devil as being someone who loves us for who we truly are, even our worst selves. So I think this film is definitely a journey, a frightening journey of discovery. It's really -- how awful would it be if you could hear everybody's thoughts all the time or people reveal that dark stuff to you all the time. I think one of the messages of the film is too much truth is maybe not a good thing," Daniel Radcliffe said.

The former "Harry Potter" star faces consistent questions from fans and the press about whether he'll return to the character he spent much of his childhood playing. Rowling's story of Potter at the Quidditch World Cup, posted online, hasn't helped matters.

"And that's the thing. She can't help it, she wrote me 10 years older and people are still asking me if I'm going to be doing it. And it's like well, he's 10 years older than I am in this story so it's really not even a hypothetical at the moment. I would obviously never say never because that's a foolish thing to say, but I would have to think long and hard before I ever went back to anything," Daniel Radcliffe said.

Directed by Alexandre Aja, "Horns" is set for release in October.

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