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'Mistresses' season two growing in popularity


08-04-2014 00:41 BJT

Season two of the soapy American TV drama "Mistresses", which is quickly growing in popularity. The character named Joss - who is played by actress Jes Macallan - dishes on some of the fun moments on set. Let's check it out.

Actress Jes Macallan says the drama "Mistresses" is much more than its provocative title implies.

"I think we got really, we were really blessed that people gave it a chance and then kind of got hooked because there's a lot of heart. It's not just the title. We fought that a little bit, the title. Just give it a chance and now we have like a really loyal fan base. They are coming back week after week, they are coming back," Jes Macallan said.

According to Macallan, social media is the show's secret weapon, and fan response has shaped some of the storyline.

"I think we have a really great group of executive producers that sit and watch all the stuff that's instantaneous, you know like Twitter, Facebook. It's so immediate to what the viewers want, what they're liking, what they're not. One character that they thought they'd develop that they thought would be so loved is hated. So it's like, or vice versa. So all of a sudden you know if producers are listening to that I think you can really give people what they want,"  Jes Macallan said.

"Mistresses" is based on a British series of the same name, and follows the illicit affairs of four female friends.

Now in season two, Macallan's character Joss has finally found love with plastic surgeon Scott, plated by "Smallville" actor Justin Hartley.

"You know Justin and I get, Scott and Joss get deep. It gets going you know. I think that's kind of Joss' arc this season. She's grown up a little bit. She's turned into this like mother hen to Savi and she's giving advice to all the girls and everybody's actually listening, which is like mind-blowing. And I think you know just trying to balance everything out. She's blindsided by this guy and how great is he? I think that their chemistry is so great you know,"  Jes Macallan said.

Macallan says the stakes are raised when Joss meets Scott's "perfect" family. She also teased an "insane" August 25th finale, saying everyone is going to flip. 

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