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UN & Hubei province hold cultural exchange event


08-08-2014 00:21 BJT

A UN exchange exhibition of Chinese calligraphy and painting, called 'Grand Mountains and Singing Waters,' is on display at the Grand Qintai Theatre in Wuhan.

Sixty calligraphy works from UNESCO, 30 pieces from renowned calligraphers in Hubei, and 40 works from outstanding young talents are all involved in an event jointly hosted by the Hubei Provincial Department of Education and the United Nations Chinese Language Program.

"As the birthplace of Chu Culture, Wuhan enjoys the legend of ‘Grand Mountains and Singing Waters.’ The theme of a harmonious and intimate connection among our people echoes with the mission and vision of the United Nations. The support of the Hubei government, the enthusiasm of our local calligraphy masters, and the participation of UNESCO have made this event happen," said Hubei Provincial Department of Education deputy director-general Huang Jian.

A UN Exchange exhibition of Chinese calligraphy and painting called

A UN Exchange exhibition of Chinese calligraphy and painting called 'Grand Mountains and Singing Waters' is on display at the Grand Qintai Theatre in Wuhan.

In 2009, UNESCO added Chinese calligraphy to its list of intangible cultural heritages, acknowledging its universal importance and appeal. And with the increasing influence of China in the international arena, more people are learning to write calligraphy at Confucius centers around the world.

Three-hundred UNESCO officials are also learning Chinese language and calligraphy. A calligraphy piece written by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon is attracting much attention. His message, quoted from the Tao Te Ching by Laozi, “qu ze quan” conveys adaptation and moderation to achieve world peace and harmony.

"Well, that underlies the entire reason the United Nations is with us, to promote peace and harmony in the world. And when you find a vehicle, such as the Shufa. It is beautiful to look at, and helps to convey that message, and that message will stay with people longer," said Terrance McElhaney from the UN.

Many guests are learning on the spot from local calligraphy masters. There is also Han embroidery, paper cutting and other folk artworks from Hubei.

"We have a very full itinerary that has been planned for us, of exciting cultural events. We will also get to know the local food of this area, and to be able to meet people and share ideas with them. That is all very important as the cooperation grows between the United Nations and different parts of China," McElhaney said.

The organizer also hopes this cross-cultural exchange event will help promote Hubei and Wuhan to the world, with an eye on the preservation of cultural heritage and development.

"This event serves as a bonding occasion. We hope we will enhance our bilateral understanding with more such activities. We also hope to build more Confucius centers and schools around the world. We hope to bring in more talents and foreign students in the future, and help talents embrace the world," Huang Jian said.

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