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France joins UK and US in sending aid to refugees in Iraq


08-11-2014 09:45 BJT

France has now joined Britain and the US in sending food, water, and other relief supplies to the stranded refugees in northwestern Iraq. In a move of support, France’s foreign minister Laurent Fabius visited the capital of the Kurdistan region on Sunday.

Images from Kurdish news agency - Firat show the Yazidi women, children, and the elderly trapped on Mount Sinjar in northwestern Iraq.

The British estimate that as many as 150-thousand, about a third of all Yazidis in the entire country, are being held hostage by the Islamic militant group - Islamic State. Iraqi officials say the I-S has killed hundreds of ethnic minority Yazidis.

France has now joined Britain and the United States in sending food, water, shelter and other supplies to the stranded refugees. On Sunday, French aircraft dropped more than 18 tons of aid in the region.

"We welcome our guests and we thank them for being with Iraq in this big fight that we are fighting on behalf of the region and the world." Said Hussein Al-Shahristani, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister.

"I will have the opportunity to organize the delivery of several tons of medicine and emergency help for Kurdish and Northern populations." Said Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister.

The additional aid follows an airdrop from the British and three American airdrops of 72 bundles of supplies, including 38-hundred gallons of water and more than 16-thousand meals.

Meantime, the Kurdish Peshmerga are trying to protect a passage out for the Yazidis... Syrian government officials say more than 20-thousand have crossed... but through a hail of gunfire. Kurdish President Masoud Barzani warned the Islamic State easily outguns his men.

"Indeed we are not only fighting a terrorist organization, we are fighting a terrorist state that is equipped with the best weaponry. So the weapons that they have what they possess are more advanced than what the Peshmerga have." Said Masoud Barzani, kurdish President. 

The U.S. military stepped up the pace of air strikes, Sunday, conducting five targeting I-S troops and trucks - firing on Kurdish forces near Erbil.

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