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'Roaring Currents' becomes biggest film of all time


08-19-2014 09:40 BJT

A film depicting a famous 16th century naval victory against Japanese invaders has set records at the South Korean box office. It has drawn the largest audience ever and become the first local movie to make more than 100 million US dollars. It has topped Avatar to become the biggest film of all time in the country.

There seems to be no stopping South Korean epic 'Roaring Currents' as it rides high, the box office waves. Less than a week since becoming the top film of 2014, it has topped Avatar to become the most-watched film of all time in South Korea. 

South Korean epic

South Korean epic 'Roaring Currents'

The naval warfare epic stars Choi Min-sik as Chosun Dynasty Admiral Yi Sun-Shin. The film depicts Yi's decisive 1597 naval victory against Japan in the Battle of Myeongryang. Yi, who had 12 ships under his command, defeated more than 130 Japanese warships.

It has raked in $110.5 million and close to 15 million Koreans out of the country's total population of 50 million have seen the film as of Monday. 

No film has sailed through the Korean box office at such breathtaking speed as Roaring Currents. Avatar took over 40 days to cross 10 million admissions back in 2009-2010 while Roaring Currents took only 12 days to reach the milestone last week.

"The film shows that Admiral Yi was a hero. But he was also an ordinary person like the rest of us. Not some kind of superman." said Choi Min-Sik, Actor, "Roaring Currents".

The film has proved particularly popular over the past long weekend. It drew some 70 percent of the market alone on Friday, August the 15th, on South Korea's Independence Day; a national holiday that celebrates Korea's liberation from Japanese colonial rule between 1910 and 1945. 

South Korean epic

South Korean epic 'Roaring Currents'

South Korean epic

South Korean epic 'Roaring Currents'


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