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Tourism industry finds big potential in big data

Reporter: Liu Yang 丨 CCTV.com

09-17-2014 14:51 BJT

By CCTV reporter Liu Yang

The internet and smartphones have transformed the way we connect. And now companies are creating new ways to use this technology to make travelling more convenient and interesting.

E-commerce, social media, cloud computing, all of these online tools have changed our daily lives. And they’re changing the tourism industry, too. At this forum for so-called "smart travel", experts from around the world are discussing the impact of technology on tourism.

1trip.com is a Chengdu-based website that started exploring travel-oriented digital content a couple years ago.

“The tourism industry in China looks very promising to us, but we want to combine it with high-tech elements, to form platforms for smart travel," said Zhang Naizhi, product manager of the website.

One of these platforms uses the popular Chinese messaging system WeChat to offer helpful resources to travelers. By scanning the WeChat bar code on the map, or entering the destination name, travelers begin receiving pages of curated information right on their screens. There’s also an audio guide you can listen to while touring the site.

Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, a professor at Oxford University and the co-author of the best-selling book "Big Data", sees good possibilities for the smart tourism industry in China.

“Ten years down the road, we will get personalized individualized travel, speaks to us that gives us experience that we never thought would be possible, so that we have memories that will bring back and we treasure, and each one of us will have individualized memories and experiences, we begin to understand what the supplies available out there, we can match them very much together," he said.

New companies are entering the market, eager to create even more sophisticated platforms for travelers to try. This changing technological landscape promises to make the world smaller and more accessible, at just the touch of a button.

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