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Studio interview: Search for MH370 resumes after 4-month pause


10-13-2014 13:54 BJT

Full coverage: Malaysia Airlines Plane Bound for Beijing Goes Missing

A new phase of the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 resumed last week, in a remote part of the Southern Indian Ocean. This round of searching comes more than six months after the jet vanished.

For more analysis, we are now joined live by Martin Dolan, the Chief Commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau or the ATSB, which is leading the search for the missing plane MH370. Thank you for joining us.

1. Mr. Dolan, we just heard from some of the relatives of those missing on board flight MH370. Can you tell us about what’s being done to get some answers and bring some closure for the loved ones of the passengers?

2. The search area has been narrowed down following a survey of some 60,000 sq kms. It’s now concentrated on two thinner strips at the southern end of the search zone - how confident are you that you will find something there?

3. What new capabilities or technologies will these new ships the GO Phoenix & Fugro Discovery bring to the search?

4. From an aviation safety perspective, why is it so important to find this aeroplane and recover the black boxes?

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