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CCTV NEWS Channel anchor Tianran He

Editor: zhenglimin 丨CCTV.com

12-24-2014 16:12 BJT

Being a Travelogue presenter entails many things.

For me, it was a baptism of fire.

In the years since I joined the team in 2010, I’ve learnt to keep my wits about me. I’ve swum with sharks, hang-glided over deserts, grappled with Mongolian wrestlers, and been made to jump off a cliff by my director (I’ve never forgiven him).

After having done countless shots where I had to talk while walking along the edge of a canyon, my fear of heights has been more or less scared out of my system. That’s thanks to my camera team, who’re usually kind enough to tell me when I’m about to fall to my doom. After we’ve done the shot.

And the food? Being a Travelogue presenter means you always get the honour of being the first to taste anything from 5 star gourmet works of art to the most unique “local delicacy”. Most of the times, the food is delicious. Sheep face? Oh yes. Camel hump? Yes please. Donkey penis? You’d be surprised. But it takes a certain kind of palate to enjoy the grisly, oily blubber that is sheep buttock.

But hey, I’m not complaining. For a Beijing-born, London-bred lad with a now somewhat redundant degree in Computer Science and a couple years of white-collar work in the UK and Germany under my belt, the pleasures of working for Travelogue are all mine.

Because you don’t just get to work with an amazing team and incredible people. When you’re out on a shoot, you live the lives of the locals. You’re immersed. Travel doesn’t get any more real than that.


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