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CCTV NEWS Channel anchor Raquel Olsson

Editor: zhenglimin 丨CCTV.com

12-26-2014 09:45 BJT

Raquel's most emotional moments seem to be when she's sitting on an airplane. Seated comfortably (or not so comfortably, depending on the airline) in her own allotted space, this is a time when her mind is her own. It's a time when her thoughts stir and occur, digest and contest, review and renew. It's also a time of change, an element in life of which Raquel has quite the penchant for. Whether it was the seven year-old, toothy-grinned kid en route to Vancouver from Bangkok, about to start a new life in the west, or the starry-eyed 18 year-old teenager on her first flight to Boston to begin college, or, most recently, the ambitious but somewhat frightened "young lady" jetting across the world to Beijing - one thing remained constant. These moments of symbolic and physical transition were when she felt most alive.

Certain moments in life make you think, Aha! So this is what they mean when the say ___(insert typical life milestone here)___. Raquel can safely say that her first genuinely proud moment in her entire life did not happen when she won first place swimming butterfly style at her school race at age six...nor did it occur when she got accepted to a dream university in Boston...it happened here in Beijing, at exactly 11:25 am on a humid August morning. This was the moment when Raquel received the news that she would be hosting Culture Express for CCTV News. Suddenly, something cosmic was in the air, and as she breathed it in, she knew that this was a feeling that no airplane ride would ever top.

What has Raquel learned so far on this ride we call life? Miracles happen. Savor all emotions, they are all beautiful. Cherish your relationships, treat them with care. And do what you love.

Born in Los Angeles, Raquel grew up in Perth, Hong Kong and Bangkok before spending the majority of her childhood in Vancouver, Canada. She later graduated from Boston University with a Bachelors degree in Advertising. She currently resides in Beijing, China where she spent her first year studying Mandarin at Beijing Normal University, before she carried on as a weather woman for CCTV News. She now hosts, reports, and edits for Culture Express, a job she feels blessed to have.

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