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World Mixed Cultural and Natural Heritage: Mount Huangshan

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01-20-2015 15:39 BJT

Four wonders of Mount Huangshan

Mount Huangshan has been renowned for the most extraordinary scenery in China since ancient times. Lofty peaks, mist-covered rivers, torrent waterfalls, jugged and peculiarly-shaped rocks, odd-shaped pines all demonstrate the magnificent beauties of Mount Huangshan. Mount Huangshan is made up of a range of mountains. Odd-shaped pines, spectacular rocks, hot springs and seas of clouds are known as the four wonders of Mount Huangshan. The spectacular winter scenery and magnificent sunsets are so attractive to visitors. There are 36 large peaks and 36 small peaks in Mount Huangshan that all have their own names and are either majestic or graceful. The proper layout of the peaks is just the great work of nature. The Huangshan Pine trees are widespread on peaks and valleys and some grew out from the cracks of rocks and cling to the rock surface, showing the enormous vitality of life. There are numerous odd-shaped old pines in almost all peaks of Mount Huangshan. The most famous over 30 pines include Yingke Pine, Wolong Pine, Taihai Pine and Heihu Pine. For years, they have withstood the tests of rain, wind, frosts and ice and absorbed nutrients and water from rocks, and firmly stand on peaks under the sunshine. The clouds on this mountain swirl around peaks and valleys, either forming a vast sea of clouds or blending with sunglow and sunset, showing brilliant colors and magnificent scene.

Odd-shaped pines: Pines are the most special scenery of Mount Huangshan. There are up to 10,000 Huangshan Pine trees that are above 100 years old. They mostly grow out from cracks of rocks with roots and branches twisted with each other and their loftiness shows their enormous vitality of life. Almost 100 Huangshan Pine trees have their own names and the Yingke Pine or Welcome Pine on the Yunu Peak has become the symbol of Mount Huangshan.

Strange Stones: Mount Huangshan contains many perilous peaks and steep cliffs, and the feet of many peaks are on the bottom of the valleys. On the tops and middle parts of the peaks or in the valleys, granite forests and columns are widely scattered. The stones look like vivid and wonderful pictures. It seems that the stones have been engraved and curved by gods or ghosts. There are over 120 the stone sceneries that have a name, including the well-known “Jumping Squirrel on the Tiandu Peak” and “Monkey Viewing the Sea.”

Cloud Sea: “The cloud sea was formed on Mount Huangshan since ancient times.” Mount Huangshan is the home of cloud and fog. The peaks are its body and the clouds are its clothes. The colorful and graceful cloud sea of the mountain enjoyed a good reputation both in ancient times and currently for its beauty, elegance, uniqueness and illusion. When rain or snow has just stopped or the sun is rising or setting, the cloud sea is especially beautiful. Seeing the strange stones, special pines, and mountain peaks floating in the sea, you may wonder that you are in fact in a dream, and will be able to personally understand the poem verse, “the end of the sea is the sky; I am the king of the world on the top of the peak.”

Hot Springs: the Huangshan Hot Spring was called the “Magic Spring,” “Soup Spring” or “Red Sand Spring” in ancient times. The spring water sprays out from the bottom of the Purple Cloud Peak directly, and a stream flows slowly between the spring and the Peach Blossom Peak. It was said that the Yellow Emperor became an immortal after he bathed in the spring for 49 days. The spring water contains a lot of micro-elements that are good for the human body. The quality of the water is outstanding and the temperature is just perfect. People can drink it or take a bath in it. A poet from the Tang Dynasty named Jia Dao once said, “The saint has flown away from the spring, and the water is as good as my teacher.”

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