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Xin'anjiang River

Editor: zhenglimin 丨www.huangshan.gov.cn

01-22-2015 14:31 BJT

Huangshan has various tourism products, but the development of water scenery is not so yet. Much needs to be done for boating tourism, mainly made up of sightseeing, vacations and entertainments.

Xin'anjiang River is the mother river of the city, flowing down to Qiandao Lake, and the total length is 242KM. The river is clean and clear, and on both sides are poetic and picturesque green hills, green streams, white walls and dark tiles. Along it there are strong folk customs, crowds of miraculous sceneries and humanity gatherings. The river has been regarded, by experts from home and abroad, as a major product of Huangshan's new resource generation worth introducing to European and American markets.


Xin'anjiang River is the mother river of the city, flowing down to Qiandao Lake, and the total length is 242KM.

The Xin'anjiang River, assigned to be part of landscape gallery destination, is about 70km long. According to the differences of tourism resources between the both banks, it's planned to be developed in 3 parts:

1.Sanjiang Sightseeing Belt, about 5kin long, and in town. Shuaishui, Hengjiang and Xin'anjiang rivers, the three city sightseeing spindles, assemble here. On northern bank, there stands the Tunxi Ancient Street reputed as a live Qingmin Shanghe Tu, and a national historic reserve street. It's planned that the section is developed into a city water scenery tourism area collectively with recreation, sightseeing and shopping, aiming at above water recreation area, entertainment area, dining area and sports area.

2.The Mysterious Grotto Belt, about 13.5km long. On its sides there is the mysterious grotto and Zhejiang national scenery destination. It's planned that the part is developed to be a suburban water scenery tourism area, jointly with archeological sites visit, mysteries visit and recreations. The following need to develop: Huashan Mysterious Grotto and Yancun grotto scenic spots, Chengzhu Queli and Xiao Jiangzu Tomb Relics scenic spots, Southern Nanxin Village, Maihua Fishing village, Xiongcun Village---former prime minister's hometown, and countryside sightseeing scenic spots.

3. Xin'an Scenic Spot, about 54.6km long. On it's sides there takes on a solid ecological pattern: forests on high mountains, tea on middle-heighted mountains, fruits on hills and fish in water. Together with ancient villages and residences, they construct a natural landscape picture scroll. It is planned to be developed into a tourism destination of sightseeing, recreation and vacation of high taste, rank and enjoyment, relying on gorge lakes, excellent ecological environment and countryside culture. The following need to develop: Nanyuan Koumei Beach, Zhangtan peasant families, Miantan Ioquat gardens, Shendu ancient commercial port, Xikou orange gardens and Jiekou Fishing Families.

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