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Top Choice 01/25/2015 World Heritage China Part 5- Jiuzhaigou National Park


01-25-2015 21:17 BJT

Multi-layer waterfalls

The waterfalls are an outstanding waterscape and an excellent work of nature. The Jiuzhaigou Valley is a world of water and also a kingdom of waterfalls. The streams run out of the forests fiercely and drop fast. They are like green machines of different sizes that are ceaselessly producing white silk. The Nuorilang Waterfall is the widest waterfall in China. Rushing off the green cliff, the powerful and splendid waterfall looks like a tremendous door curtain. Some water currents dash on the rocks several times, and then, multi-layer waterfalls will form. They sound like thousands of running horses and look like a group of jumping silver dragons. Because of the early morning sunlight, fascinating rainbows will often appear beside the waterfall, which always deeply attracts tourists and make them forget to go home.

Colorful forests

The colorful forests, which are known as the third wonder of the Jiuzhaigou Valley, cover more than half of the scenic spot. Over 2,000 plants are flourishing there with various flowers in full blossom. The living fossil plants, which are bathed in the dim mist, are dark green and lush. There are thick mosses and sporadic feathers of the birds and beasts on the forest land. The forest has a primitive appearance and makes visitors very relaxed. The 30,000 hectares of primitive forest change with the seasons. In the golden autumn, the forests looks like a colorful world, the dark orange common smoketree, golden birch leaves, crimson maples, dark red wild fruits are scattered all over the forest. Every forest is like a large natural oil painting. In the water and above, the combination of movement and silence forms a charming scroll painting . When winter comes, the accumulation snow changes the Jiuzhaigou Valley into a silvery white world. The forests are all covered by snow, and the ice cascade and ice screen are white and clean. The snow-covered Jiuzhaigou looks white and elegant as if it was a sapphire in white porcelain.

Snow peaks

The peaks of three valleys in Jiuzhaigou rise one higher than the other. Looking from far away, you can see all the snow-covered peaks, and the cirques under the sun dizzy the eyes. And when looking at Gaerna Mountain, the mountain is winding and the valleys are faint. All the wonders can be seen through a glance. The sea of the clouds seems to be connected with the sky, and the clouds are constantly moving. The peaks flicker in the sea of the clouds and the mists, seemingly traveling in heaven.

Tibetan folkways

The religion in Jiuzhaigou belongs to the Tibetan Buddhism, and is based on the Bön religion dominated by Buddhism culture. Tibetan people live on highland barley, maize and wheat. Delicate and simple are the characteristics of the Tibetan food in Jiuzhaigou and most of the buildings here are made of wood. The houses are generally divided into three floors with the first floor used to keep livestock. The second floor is used as a living space and the third floor is used as a scripture hall. In the Jiuzhaigou Valley, the way for Tibetan youth to find their spouses is similar to that of the Han Chinese, one is through free choice and the other is through the arrangement by parents.

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