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Special Edition 02/21/2015 World Heritage China Part 19- Mount Tai


02-22-2015 00:56 BJT


Seasons of Mount Tai

The seasons of Mount Tai are also very attractive. When spring comes, everything comes back to life. Mount Tai is covered by trees and grass again. The beautiful spring scenery attracts a large number of domestic and foreign visitors, and the red peach blossom, white apricot blossom, golden reinwardtia trigyna and forsythia flowers will be all over the branches. The locust trees on both sides of the Xi Stream bloom flowers one after another from lower altitudes to higher altitudes, and the flowers are as white as cotton and the smell is also very sweet. Furthermore, the large malus hupehensis open its buds, and the entire mountain seems to become a sea of flowers.

In the summer, the forests of Mount Tai are hidden in clouds, and when the weather clears up, all the trees are fresh and green, and the vigorous vitality can be felt everywhere on the mountain. When the gentle wind blows across the pine forests in Duisong Mountain, there comes the beautiful sound of nature. No wonder Emperor Qianlong said that the most attractive place in Mount Tai was the Duisong Mountain.

Autumn is the most colorful season on Mount Tai. Seen from far away, the mountains and forests all glow with autumn tints. The leaves of smoke trees, acer monoes, and mountain ash trees are as red as fire, while the leaves of ginkgoes and lindens are as yellow as gold. The pines and cypresses are still green. The colors of oaks, planer trees, and maples are not as bright as before, but they also add to the beauty of the autumn in Mount Tai. The winged euonymus appears red against the pines and cypresses. The Boston ivy, comparable with the winged euonymus, appears to be unnoticeable in the summer, but becomes really eye-catching in autumn, and the ivy either covers stones or fills ditches. With enchanting scenery, the mountain is like a strongly colored traditional Chinese painting.

The winter on Mount Tai presents another different scene. The persistent pines and cypresses still stand on the top of the mountain and the tall and straight bamboo forests add some green to the mountain. After snow falls, the scenery becomes even more beautiful, for the whole mountain is covered by snow and seems to be wearing a silver and white coat. The green trees, red walls, yellow tiles, white snow, as well as the rare freshness and tranquility all make visitors feel relaxed and happy.

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