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Crossover 03/14/2015 Highlight: The new cool: Tattoo culture in China


03-13-2015 16:56 BJT

China is changing fast, and the yearning of a new generation to forge its own identity is being felt across the country. Within that burning enthusiasm for change held by many young Chinese, any channel through which someone can show off at least a glimmer of one’s own character soon catches on like wildfire. Tattoos are no exception. Inspired by the massive impact of pop and youth culture particularly from the USA, the Chinese have been passionately getting inked up over the past decade, trying to forge an image for themselves. Moreover, we have learned that tattooing in China was common practice centuries ago. Were the Chinese the first to get inked up? Join Crossover this Saturday to gain a deeper insight into the art of tattooing in China.

3 special guests will be joining us in the studio to uncover the secrets of China’s tattoo culture:

Qi Xulong, one of the first tattoo artists in Beijing

Paul Yin, sociologist and psychologist.

Alice Mcinerney, fashion consultant with deep insight into China’s latest trends and one of the founder of AnyWearStyle.com

We also interviewed via Skype Carrie E. Reed, professor of Chinese Literature at Middlebury College in the US, who researched the origins of tattoos in China and will explain in greater depth the meaning behind tattooing throughout Chinese history.

Also, one of Crossover’s very own will be getting tattooed during the episode! Tune in to see the results!

Crossover 03/14/2015 Highlight: The new tool: Tattoo culture in China

Crossover 03/14/2015 Highlight: The new cool: Tattoo culture in China

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