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Pilot audio leaked to German newspaper

Reporter: Guy Henderson 丨 CCTV.com

03-30-2015 10:30 BJT

Full coverage: Airbus A320 crashes in southern France

German newspaper, Bild am Sonntag, has published details of a leaked cockpit voice recording from Flight 9525, which captures the moments leading up to the plane's descent and crash. Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz can be heard encouraging the pilot to leave the cockpit.

Later, the pilot is heard frantically trying to get back in, moments before the crash. Meanwhile, other evidence has emerged that the 27 year-old had been diagnosed with a detached retina, something that could end his career.

"Germany's Bild am Sonntag newspaper is quoting investigators as having revealed some of the details of the audio recordings recovered by investigators from the black box which was found at the crash site in the French Alps. These audio recordings reportedly reveal the pilot have been briefing Andreas Lubitz about landing plans, during the time just before the plane began to descent before he lock the pilot out cockpit," said CCTV reporter Guy Henderson.

"He's heard responding, 'maybe', 'we'll see.', 'hopefully'. We also understand that more details become clear during the cause of this black box audio recording of the tragic final seconds before the plane hit the ground."

The audio recording apparently picking up the pilot screaming at the top of his voice, pleading with Lubitz to open the cockpit door and trying to bash it down, in the background, the alarm can be heard sounding because the plane is nearing the ground at this point of course with the commotion, and passengers are also terrified and the audio picks up them screaming.

Some of the details do suggest that the copilot was calmly aware of the plan he was about to implement, and there was on some level of calculation.

However it's still not solid evidence, and the residents in the town where Lubitz was born, Montabaur, as well as pilots associations, are warning and criticizing investigators and the media for jumping to what they say are premature conclusions.

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