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Iraqi PM requests military, financial support

Reporter: Jessica Stone 丨 CCTV.com

04-15-2015 11:30 BJT

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi began his three-day visit to Washington on Tuesday with a request for more direct military aid. But the White House is receiving him cautiously.

Amid ongoing signs, the fight against ISIL is not over. A wave of attacks around Baghdad, Tuesday, killing at least 28 Iraqi civilians.

Over the past two days, the U.S. led 60-member coalition launched six strikes in Syria and nearly 30 in Iraq.

But Abadi - wants his own air power: drones, F-16's and Apache helicopters.

"We are in need of international support to curb terrorism," said Haider al-Abadi.

Yet, during Abadi's oval office meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama, there were no promises of more military aid; instead, additional humanitarian aid.

"We are committing an additional $200 million in humanitarian aid to help stabilize communities, and to help those who have been displaced from their homes, have lost their jobs, have seen their property destroyed," President Obama said.         

Meanwhile, the leader of Australia has announced he's sending a unit of 330 soldiers to Iraq to train the Iraqi Security Forces.

he said, "it will partner with over 100 New Zealand military personnel and we will jointly be doing the build partner capacity mission at the Taji military complex north of Baghdad."

Abbott says the additional troops will be operational in the middle of May. That's when U.S. military officials have said they'd like to launch an attack to retake Mosul from ISIL control. 

Though not part of the U.S. led coalition, Iran's revolutionary guard has nonetheless become part of the effort to roll back ISIL forces from much of Iraq. It's a matter the U.S. has been concerned about, even as it negotiated an historic nuclear framework with Iran. President Obama said the two leaders discussed the issue extensively, Tuesday. 

"I also welcome any assistance that they would provide, and I would like to thank them also for any assistance they have provided. However, we do not accept any intervention in Iraq or any transgression on Iraqi sovereignty," Haider al-Abadi said. 

Meantime, the U.S. is touting a pattern of success in the efforts against ISIL. A U.S. military official said Monday that ISIL has lost more than a quarter of the territory it held when those coalition air strikes began in August.

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