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Young women are going gray - by choice

Reporter: Fei Ye 丨 CCTV.com

04-30-2015 00:37 BJT

Your grandma is probably the first person who comes to mind when you think of gorgeous grey hair. Grey hair is on trend, with silver hair lovers around the world posting images on social media under the hashtag grannyhair.

Instagram is awash with the grey haired images from beauty shots featuring professional models, to selfies uploaded by proud grey haired instagrammers.

"granny hair", it is the silver, gray look of your grandmother's hair. But these custom colors come at a cost, not with advanced age. The trend was first sported by young Hollywood stars such as Lady Gaga, Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne. Their sleek white, silver, and lavender locks sparked a wave of similar looks across the U.S. and over the Internet.

On Twitter grannyhair, has photos of women from all over the world who have gone gray, by choice. Inside New York City's Jeff Chastain Parlor, 27-year old Jackie was ready for a new look on Tuesday.

Granny hair is getting popular

Granny hair is getting popular

"I love the gray. Every since I first saw it in a magazine, I was fascinated with it. It's like something that comes out, like a spark. Every time I see it, I'm like a little baby. I get so excited," said Jackie, New York resident.

And like any work of art, the process can be long. It can take at least two hours to bleach out the hair's natural color, then add a new color. But, for dark hair, the process may require several bleaches which means several more hours in the stylist's chair.

"Granny hair is basically silver, silver hair, any tone of gray in your hair, steel gray, silvery gray, really, really white, platinum-ish with either violet or silver undertones," said Jan-Marie Arteca, hairstylist.

For Jackie - three bleaches, two color applications and seven hours later, her look was complete. Jackie's dark brown hair was turned deep gray.

The sleek white, silver, and lavender locks sparked a wave of similar looks

The sleek white, silver, and lavender locks sparked a wave of similar looks

"I love it. wow, amazing. I know it's going to draw a lot of attention because it's a different look, a different color, especially for me. I want to go outside and run around everywhere and show my hair. Just run all over Manhattan," said Jackie, New York resident.

But cool gray hair will cost a pretty penny. The "Granny hair" look can start at 200 US dollars and go as high as 700, depending on the color and condition of the client's hair. But that's not all. To maintain the look, color touch-ups are needed about every four weeks.

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