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Top Choice 05/03/2015 World Heritage China Part 33- The Potala Palace


05-03-2015 22:24 BJT


Excellent architectural achievements 

The Potala Palace, built in the mountains, consists of the White Palace, the Red Palace as well as all kinds of peripheral buildings. The buildings were constructed during different ages but they were all built masterfully using the mountain shape and topography, making the palace imposing, harmonious and integrated. It made great artistic achievements in the art of building and making a masterpiece of architectural design.

An example of combining Tibetan Buddhism and palace architecture

The Potala Palace is the most outstanding building among thousands of buildings combining Tibetan Buddhism and palace architecture, and is a unique example in China and even around the world.

It remains historically unchanged

The existing design, materials, craft and layout of the Potala Palace have remained unchanged since the beginning of the seventh century. Its previous great extension and reconstruction achieved high genuineness to the original.

A great achievement of architectural decorative art

On the whole, the Potala Palace is a great achievement in creativity while its design and decoration such as the sculptures and paintings are also great successes.

Great historic and religious significance

The Potala Palace, the center of politics and religion in the past, had important relations with important people in Tibetan history like Sontzen Gampo, Princess Wencheng, Princess Chizun, and the Dalai Lamas from all ages. Therefore, the Potala Palace has great historic and religious significance.

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