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Top Choice 05/07/2015 World Heritage China Part 37- The Mogao Caves


05-07-2015 21:37 BJT


Judging from the art of mural paintings, people can find that the ancient artists absorbed the advantages of other art forms from several other ancient countries such as Iran, India and Greece, and this is also a symbol of the advanced Chinese civilization.

Mural paintings of different dynasties with different painting styles reflect the political, economic and cultural conditions of ancient China. The mural paintings are also a glorious chapter of ancient Chinese art history and provide valuable historical material for the research of ancient Chinese history.

The Mogao Caves

The Mogao Caves

Artworks in the Mogao Caves: In the 26th year of the Emperor Guangxu’s reign (AD 1900) in the Qing Dynasty, more than 50,000 Buddhist scriptures, documents, embroideries and portraits from the Three Kingdoms period to the Northern Song Dynasty were found in a hidden cave inside the northern wall of the No.16 Cave. In addition to documents written in Chinese, about one-sixth of the total documents were written in languages of various ethnic groups such as Kharosthi, Sanskrit and the Tibetan language. The content of the documents include religious texts of Buddhism and Taoism, as well as literary works, contracts, accounting books, and official documents and letters.

The discovery of the Mogao Caves is famous worldwide and has extremely important research value for the addendum and proofreading of the ancient Chinese documents.

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