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'China Today: Understanding the CPC' series launched at BEA

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06-30-2015 16:20 BJT

About the 'China Today: Understanding the CPC' series

The keywords of contemporary China include reform, development and stability. Today's China is strong, democratic and culturally advanced. It is pursuing peaceful development, and is opening up to the outside world. Under the leadership of the CPC, the Chinese people are making every effort to achieve the Chinese Dream -- the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In order to explore the miracles of China's modernization and help readers learn about the philosophies and practices of the CPC governance, the Party Building Books Publishing House published the "China Today: Understanding the Communist Party of China" series. The series was translated into English and published by Foreign Languages Press. The two publishing houses will also cooperate to publish the German and French editions of the series.

Chinese Consul-general to New York Zhang Qiyue addresses the launch ceremony at the booth of the China International Publishing Group at BookExpo America on May 28, 2015. [Photo by Yan Pei/China.org.cn]

Chinese Consul-general to New York Zhang Qiyue addresses the launch ceremony at the booth of the China International Publishing Group at BookExpo America on May 28, 2015. [Photo by Yan Pei/China.org.cn]

The "China Today" collection contains three series, namely "Understanding the Communist Party of China," "Understanding China's Development" and "Understanding the Important Speeches of CPC General Secretary Xi Jinping," each containing five titles. The "Understanding the CPC" is the first one.

With simple yet vivid language and an objective and impartial style, the series explores the underlying reasons behind China's rise and the China miracle -- the joint efforts of various ethnic groups of China under the leadership of the CPC. It outlines the CPC's governance philosophy and practice, the challenges it faces and how it is responding, and its efforts to fight corruption. Through the series, readers better understand the validity of the CPC's rule and its special advantages in governance.

The series has three characteristics which will inspire the interest of readers. First, it has a clear structure. It presents the reality of China in modern times, and explains all the domestic and international concerns about China. Second, the authors of the series are all experts in the field, who not only have relevant knowledge but also significant experience. They have either directly participated in or have a strong influence on China's decision making. Third, the series explains complicated theories and ideas in plain and vivid language, providing easy reading.

About the five books:

1.Exploring the Miracle: The Truths Behind China's Modernization

Once mocked as the "sick man of East Asia," China's ancient civilization has been revitalized, the country can take its place as a world power once again. In analyzing the mystery of the Chinese miracle, the purpose of this book is not to suggest that there is a one-size-fits-all path to success, but to help people gain a better understanding of China's rapid development and explain how that development occurred.

2.Serving the People: The Governance Philosophy of the CPC

Based on the 93-year history of the CPC and the 65-year history of the People's Republic of China, the book focuses on the primary and most important aspects of the Party's philosophy of governance, centering on two fundamental issues -- for whom, and by whom -- along with the further progress of the country's reform and opening up.

3.China and the CPC: The Challenges We Face and How We Respond

The 21st century has presented China with a host of new international challenges -- globalization, the financial crisis, geopolitical conflict and climate change. These are mirrored by equally demanding domestic challenges -- managing the new normal, transforming and upgrading the economy, restoring and protecting the environment and implementing political reform. This book explains how the CPC is responding with full confidence to these and to many other challenges that China is facing now and will face as the century progresses.

4.The Good Fight: China's Recent Battle Against Corruption

This book presents China's fight against corruption in the modern era. Its five sections provide a comprehensive summary of the problem of corruption, taking into account its historical antecedents and analyzing corruption as a global phenomenon through its current manifestations and its impact on modern society. It concludes with a clear and impartial account of the determination of the new leadership to fight corruption in modern China, and the measures and tools that are being deployed.

5.Governing China: The CPC's Philosophy in Practice

This book takes the guiding principles of the CPC -- a party that was founded for the public good, ruling for the benefit of the people, and developing the country with full confidence -- and shows how they will be embodied in Xi Jinping's "Four Comprehensives" -- a prosperous society, deeper reform, the rule of law and strong Party discipline -- and in his expectations for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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