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Exclusive: 'Jurassic Park' brand strategist talks to CCTV

Reporter: Grace Brown 丨 CCTV.com

07-04-2015 04:37 BJT

In it's first 13 days, the new Jurassic World film has made more than a billion dollars, breaking box office records. But getting the film out took much longer - in particular, the merchandising.

Spin-off products - including all those dinosaur toys - often make more money than their parent movies. Our reporter Grace Brown sat down with the woman who helped create the Jurassic Park brand, to find out more.

the new Jurassic World film

the new Jurassic World film

"I was at Universal Studios and heading up worldwide consumer products when the last Jurassic Park movie came out and it's almost a two year process - it takes longer for some of the consumer products than it actually does for the film. Toys are actually one of the biggest revenue generators - so we work very closely with the toymakers, including the action figures and all the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are a classic toy for children all around the world. Whether it's a child in China or a child in the U.S., children are fascinated by dinosaurs. It exploded with the first movie and by the second movie, we were ready to capitalise on it including theme park rides and we just built the whole brand because the market is so vast. And it was several billion dollars then, so I'm sure with the new film, it's that much and more," said Cynthia Cleveland, CEO of Broad Think.

Q: "How do you create such a valuable brand?"

A: "We had over 500 different manufacturers and so it's very important to make sure it looks like you have everything coming from one place, even though there are so many different people actually making it. So we created a style guide and a brand and that's basically the kind of business I've always been in - how do you create a brand that has continuity and consistency. There is some localization. Some product types that sell in Japan that would only sell in Japan. We would localize the product type. But the look we keep consistent."

Q: "Spiro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot were some of your other valuable brands - how did you create those?"

A: "Spiro the Dragon was the second one we came out with and what was interesting about that was it was more popular with girls, at a time when video games were really more boy oriented. You have to understand who your market is and it was interesting we discovered with Spiro that there was this big girl market. Someone from electronic arts brought it back and created virtual toys that interacted with computers and ipads and it's now turned into a 2 billion-dollar brand. Crash Bandicoot was huge with all ages. It translated well in Asia, which isn't always the case with characters but it translated culturally, for some reason."

Q: "Are you looking at any new projects here in Asia?"

A: "I know that there are people who are looking at how do you export Chinese properties and I would love to work on one of those properties, because I think there's great potential and it certainly exists."

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