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Social media on Lugou Bridge anniversary


07-07-2015 14:40 BJT

Full coverage: July 7th Incident

What have been talked about on Chinese social media, on the anniversary of the Lugou Bridge Incident?

78 years ago on this very day - July the 7th - the attack by Japanese invaders on a bridge at the outskirts of Beijing marked the beginning of China’s 8-year-long War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.

The Lugou Bridge Incident continues told deep historic significance for people across China and indeed the world.

So today, we bring you a special look at how netizens globally are commemorating the past.

First let’s from social media reactions within China. A majority of people online in China have been honoring those who lost their lives and reiterating the relevance of the past in terms of the current Sino-Japanese relationship.

These comments are basically saying that we shall never forget the past and never let history repeat itself.

Some are also saying that we should pay more attention to the lives of those veteran KMT soldiers who participated in WWII.

One user wrote that "July 7th is such a significant day that all Chinese people should remember. China suffered huge casualties during the War of resistance Against Japanese aggression. Please repost this to commemorate those who sacrificed their lives during the war."

Internationally, on Facebook and Twitter, the opinions are more divided on this issue. Some have argued that the Japanese government should acknowledge its militaristic past and reflect on history,

while other users say that China should simply "let the bygones be bygones".

But others are arguing that the issue is not about moving on; it’s about the Japanese government denying history. This user says that "Europe moved on because Germany sincerely regretted and was remorseful."

Perhaps, all the debate can be best summarized with this quote from one of our Facebook users: "The wrong can never be righted, but the pain can be eased; It is noble to forgive although it is hard to forget."

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