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Highlight: A bit of truth: Differences between three cultures and nationalities


07-15-2015 18:20 BJT


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You may have heard the following joke:

When you encounter a group of Asian people in the airport, how can you tell if they are Korean, Japanese or Chinese? If one is speaking while the others are listening very politely, they are Japanese. If one is speaking and the others are talking loudly with him, they are Korean. If one is speaking while the others are not listening, having separate conversations, or looking at their phones, then they are Chinese.

Whether you think this joke is funny or offensive, most Chinese, Korean or Japanese will admit that there is a bit of truth behind it. Despite our shared geography, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultures and social behaviors are very distinct from one another. In this episode, we explore the differences between these three cultures and nationalities. From physical dimensions to tradition and life perspectives, we discuss our profound uniqueness and our wonderful similarities.

Eyee and Xiaojun are joined by guests from Japan, Korea and China for a lively discussion about culture and life.

3 special guests will be joining us in the studio:

Fumiyo Layman,Freelance Writer

Ellie Lim,PR Director,Beauties Plus 

Justin Zhou,University Student


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