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A cultural taste of Meishan


07-29-2015 16:33 BJT

Meishan is in the southwest of Chengdu Plain, Sichuan Basin, and in the middle of Minjiang River.

Meishan cultural tourism resources include Dongpo culture, longevity culture, Taoism, Buddhism, bamboo culture, water culture etc., also including successive Meishan Dongpo Cultural Festival, Pengzu Longevity Star Festival, Qingshen Bamboo Weaving Arts Festival, Danleng Suona Festival and so on.

Meishan main tourist attractions: San Su Ci, the Memorial Temple of Three Sus (San Su Ci), Wawushan National Forest Park, Black Dragon Pool (Heilong Tan), Pengzu Mountain(Fairy Mountain), Han Dynasty Cliff Tombs of Jiangkou Pengshan, Horn Village Grand Buddha, Zhongyan Temple, China Bamboo Arts Town, Dongpo Lake Park, Longgu Mountain.

Meishan has a lot of traditional cuisines special and handicrafts. What is famous: Renshou - Helongtan all-fish banquet, sesame cake, dried hot beef, twice-cooked sheep, twice-cooked fish, Wengong loquat, Cao’s pear; Dongpo century egg; Dongpo District – Dongpo pork, Dongpo meat, Dongpo fish, longan crisp, Meishan navel, national quality Sansu wine; Pengshan – Pengzu wine, sweet-skin duck; Hongya – Ya fish, rattan pepper oil, Washanchun wine, Daoquan alpine green tea and various picnics; Qingshen – Jiangtuan fish, Hanyang chicken, Zhongyan roasted whole lamb, Qingshen orange. And Dongpo pork, Dongpo fish, Dongpo centry egg, sesame cake is specially famous in home and abroad. Crafts: Qingshen bamboo craft, Phoenix Ceramics Craft of Renshou and so on.

Meishan’s cultural tourism activities are rich and colorful. Dongpo Cultural Festival, Pengzu Longevity Star Festival, Hongya Taihui, Wawushan Azalea Festival, Snow Festival, Wawushan International Taoism Cultural Festival, Qingshen Bamboo Weaving Arts Festival, Orange Flower Festival, Renshou Loquat Festival, Renshou Lamb Dishes Cultural Festival, Renshou Cao’s Pear Flower Festival, Danleng Suona Arts Festival. All are held full of sound and color, with high prestige in Sichuan and famous abroad.

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