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Five former Japanese PMs demand Abe withdraw security bill

Editor: Li Kun 丨CCTV.com

08-20-2015 17:01 BJT

By Han Xudong, professor, National Defense University, People’s Liberation Army          

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is pushing forward on new security bills to win approval as legislation in the lower house of Parliament, but there is a louder voice coming from Japanese politicians who are demanding that Abe withdraw new security bills immediately. Five former prime ministers have expressed concerns and are leading a movement to oppose the legislation.

A group formed by 51 retired Japanese journalists from national newspapers and television stations have launched a campaign to stand in opposition against the new security bills. The five former prime ministers include: Morihiro Hosokawa, Tsutomu Hata, Tomiichi Murayama, Yukio Hatoyama and Naoto Kan. They issued a statement saying “stop Abe, protect Japan.” Causing outside observers to ask:“What kind of political climate has Japan gotten into?”

Ever since the reign of Emperor Akihito of Japan started; there have been 16 prime ministers, six of which are not from the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Five of twelve former prime ministers interviewed expressed their oppositions over Abe practices, but they are not members of Tokyo’s ruling party, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). This indicates that the LDP remains united by continuing to support their Party’s leader, Abe.

The five former Prime Ministers against Abe’s actions are from the Democratic Party and the Social Democratic Party. The statement delivered by Abe can be seen as an extension of LDP’s policies since its establishment in 1955.

Japan’s defense and military development stands at a critical juncture. There are five former prime ministers expressing dissatisfaction with Abe’s statement, which is very uncommon in Japan’s postwar history. These five former leaders are heavyweight politicians.

As former prime ministers, they could expose Abe’s political ambitions more easily. Abe’s actions appear to be a serious threat to Japan’s national interests. Yukio Hatoyama mentions that Abe should make the right decision to transfer from “building a martial state” to “building a peaceful country.” He believes that Abe is leading Japan to war, which is intolerable.

Abe appears to be leading the nation towards “a martial state” and away from “a peaceful state.” The five former prime ministers’ attempt is to thwart the adoption of new security bills, they are aimed at protecting the pacifist constitution.

The five former Prime Ministers have become regular civilians nowadays, and they intend to tell the outside world that there are numerous dissenting voices who oppose Abe’s military moves. The Japanese public’s intolerance of Abe’s actions has reached alarming levels. Since Abe took office for the second time in 2012, he has been busy preparing amendments on the pacifist Constitution and supporting a potential militarism revival. Dissenting politicians are urging Abe to change the direction of his political and military goals.

Abe is leading Japan towards war. History has proven that it is a dead end for Japan’s future. Japanese civilians are making tremendous efforts to persuade Abe to support the path of peaceful development.


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Panview offers an alternative angle on China and the rest of the world through the analyses and opinions of experts. We also welcome outside submissions, so feel free to send in your own editorials to "globalopinion@vip.cntv.cn" for consideration.


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