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Mighty force of national unity

Editor: Li Kun 丨CCTV.com

09-01-2015 15:37 BJT

By Xu Weidong, Urumqi National Cadre Institute

The War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression was the first modern war won by the Chinese nation in fighting the invaders. Hundreds of millions of Chinese united to defend the nation and finally won victory after nearly 35 million war deaths. The resistance against aggression was a heroic undertaking for the Chinese people which embodies the mighty force of national unity.   

Victory in the resistance war was a great victory for national awakening

As Chairman Mao Zedong said, victory promoted Chinese people’s awareness and unity in a way which could not be equaled by any war of the last 100 years. When Japanese militarism pushed China into a hopeless condition of national subjugation and genocide, the Chinese people awoke and realized they had to break through the state of disunity. Resistance against aggression and national salvation soon became the common will for all political parties, ethnic groups and overseas Chinese. At that time, a piece of news read that “no one was afraid of death in war because they had absolute faith that their sacrifice can earn the independence and freedom of all Chinese people in return. ”

Victory in the resistance war was a victory for national unity

Faced with crisis, the Chinese Communist Party has always focused on the national interest and established the national united front for the war of resistance at the Wayaobu meeting and received a wide response from all social classes. “Stopping the civil war and unanimously resisting Japan” became the overwhelming mainstream. The Chinese Communist Party and the Guomindang started a second period of cooperation, and all those Chinese people who were unwilling to be slaves joined hands. The whole nation was united more than ever before. During the resistance war, no matter how hard the situation and how cruel the war was , the Chinese Communist Party always held high the banner of “perseverance in resistance, unity and progress” and served as the mainstay in the war.  
Victory in the resistance war was a victory of mobilization of the whole nation

The masses were the mighty force in the war. At the very beginning, the Communist Party realized that only the masses could defeat Japan, so they boldly mobilized the masses and increased their strength, turning each man into a soldier and having all people join in resistance against aggression. During the war, the Communist Party fought in the enemy’s rear and mobilized local masses. Gradually the battlefield led by the Communist Party became the main battlefield in resisting the Japanese invaders. Yan’an became the lighthouse and the holy revolution land leading a dark China to a bright future. Patriotic youths flocked to Yan’an. In a bid to stimulate the masses’ enthusiasm to join the war, the Communist Party constantly strengthened construction of the economy, culture and democratic politics in its bases in the rear. 
Victory in the resistance war was a victory of national spirit

All men shared a common responsibility for the fate of their country. National spirit was fully reflected in the resistance war and was the intellectual impetus for hundreds of millions of soldiers. After the September 18th incident, Man, Mongolian, Hui, Korean and other ethnic groups of in the North and Northeast of China quickly took action to fight the Japanese aggression. Compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas Chinese all supported the resistance war in many ways. It was through people of all ethnic groups who carried forward the national spirit with patriotism at the core that China finally won victory. 

Victory in the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression proved that any enemy can be defeated and any difficulties can be overcome if the whole Chinese nation unites. Shouldering the responsibility of achieving the rejuvenation of Chinese nation, all Chinese people should work together and carry forward the anti-fascist spirit.


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