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Chinese characteristics of China's grand parade

Editor: Li Kun 丨CCTV.com

09-06-2015 15:53 BJT

By Han Xudong, National Defense University

On September 3, China held a grand parade with the theme of commemorating the 70th anniversary of victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the world anti-fascist war. This attracted worldwide attention.

Since the founding of new China, a parade, as an act of state, is not only a major event in the political life of the country but also an activity of considerable care and attention for the people. The parade, as a carrier of the inheritance of traditional Chinese culture, is also a delivery of new ideas about China’s military security. Parades throughout the history of new China reflect many Chinese characteristics:
1.Seriousness and solemnity. From all the previous parades after the founding of new China, we can see that compared with other countries, our parade organizers have a more serious attitude and show the parade to the world with a solemn gesture.

The 1949 founding ceremony parade was prepared in a very short time. In less than a month, the organizers strictly organized the parade. After a rigorous selection process, they decided on the participants. Each formation lined up straight and marched with a tidy pace. The founding ceremony parade thus established a serious and solemn pattern for ever after.

2.Strict selection of personnel. Since that founding ceremony parade, personnel are carefully selected each time. The chosen people usually have a high military quality so that they can basically represent the highest quality standards of the army. Meanwhile their heights and shapes are also one of the conditions for choice. Their images also represent the ideal image of Chinese soldiery. Soldiers participating in the parade all have a high degree of enthusiasm and political sense.

3. Displaying the newest real weapons and equipment. From previous military parades after the founding of new China, all weapons and equipment in the parades are real, not models. Even planes in the founding ceremony parade were missile-carrying flights. What's more, weapons and equipment in each parade are the most advanced at the time. From 1959, the new weapons and equipment were all manufactured in China. Later, we gradually realized independent research and development of weapons of our own. This is an important reflection of our defense independence and also a symbol of China as a great world power.

4.Large in scale and magnificent in atmosphere. In previous parades after the founding of new China, except for a few occasions involving 7,000 participants, parades involved more than 10,000 people. Such a large scale is rare even in the world. We have many units of various types, and the parades are usually long, meaning the march past takes a long time. The parades are also rich in content. All these factors greatly enhance the momentum of the parades.

5.The parades are not only the embodiment of thought of our armed forces construction and a display of armed force, but also the embodiment of the defense autonomy of our country.


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Panview offers an alternative angle on China and the rest of the world through the analyses and opinions of experts. We also welcome outside submissions, so feel free to send in your own editorials to "globalopinion@vip.cntv.cn" for consideration.

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