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President Xi Jinping's speech ignites Chinese people's patriotism

Editor: Li Kun 丨CCTV.com

09-07-2015 15:48 BJT

By Gu Jianjun  Postdoctorate of Central Translation Bureau

The commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-fascist War was held in Tiananmen Square, Beijing on September 3. Chinese President Xi Jinping's speech and military parade were broadcast via TV, radio and the internet.

Various commemorative activities were staged across China for the Chinese to show loyalty to their homeland.

Real voice of China

Xi Jinping's speech has mobilized the national spirit.

He spoke about the war, fully affirming his country's significant contributions; expressing their resolution to safeguard world peace and promote development. The speech stands at a historical height, concerning human beings' destiny, connecting history with the future, advocating peace and development and elaborating on the truth of history: Justice will prevail! Peace will prevail! The people will prevail!

"Here, I announce that China will cut the number of its troops by 300,000" said President Xi , which won support of the whole army and Chinese people. As a net friend said, "this is the real voice of China."

Military prestige lifts national prestige

Eighty four percent of the weapons appeared for the first time. More than fifty generals took the lead in the parade and over one thousand people from 17 countries joined in.

This is the first parade to commemorate the victory of anti-Japanese war since the founding of the People's Republic of China in l949. The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) performed once again with a spiritual outlook of mighty, civilized and victory force. The Chinese people had a chance to glimpse at the elegant demeanor of the PLA.

Some universities organized students to watch the parade and to discuss it. The parade made their blood boil, which strengthened their confidence to achieve the Chinese dream.

Chen Xinyi, student of Wuhan University, said, "Seeing the veterans coming out in the parade vehicles and saluting to the Tiananmen gate tower, I suddenly cried."

Wu Peng, student of Beijing Forestry University, said, "With orderly pace and powerful postures, the PLA are so handsome. There is no good life for us without them. The country will not forget them and the people will not forget them. The PLA are always a justice force to maintain world peace."

Topics related to the parade went viral, such as on Sina weibo and Wechat. Netizens saluted the martyrs and sent greetings to the motherland. Pride and affection has pooled the common memory of 1.3 billion Chinese people to ignite their patriotism.


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Panview offers an alternative angle on China and the rest of the world through the analyses and opinions of experts. We also welcome outside submissions, so feel free to send in your own editorials to "globalopinion@vip.cntv.cn" for consideration.


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