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Scary shadow hovers over new Japanese Security Bills

Editor: Li Kun 丨CCTV.com

09-21-2015 17:45 BJT

By Zhou Yongsheng, deputy director of Japan Research Center of China Foreign Affairs University

Japan's upper house of the Diet  approved the New Security Bills on Sept. 17, which went into effect in a plenary session of the upper house two days later.

In the beginning, Japanese Shinzo Abe's government attempted to be inclusive and had invited political opposition parties and the Japanese public to discuss ramifications of the New Security Bills. However, nearly 70 percent of the Japanese people and opposition parties were against the bills, and support for the Abe government had declined sharply.

Consequently, Tokyo stands at serious risk of a regime crisis. Accordingly, the Abe government had abandoned its so-called democracy measures to push forward on passage of the New Security Bills as soon as possible.  Yet the Bills would likely bring a huge negative impact on stability of the Asian-Pacific region, as well as with world peace.

The New Security Bills are a blatant violation of Japan's Constitution and sets a dangerous legal precedent. If Tokyo disregards legal niceties, many countries may follow suit for their own political interests. 

The New Security Bills endow the Japanese cabinet and prime minister with the right to dispatch soldiers overseas without parliamentary approval. When disputes break out in the Asian-Pacific region and other parts of the world, Japan can deploy armed forces, which may achieve positive short-term results but could bring about terrible consequences in the long run.

Currently millions of refugees are fleeing Afghanistan and Libya, which has intensified instability of the world.

The New Security Bills allow Tokyo to get involved with other countries' wars if requested to do so. Historically, Japan has sometimes acted in a selfish nature, claiming to fight on behalf of the public interests.

During World War I, Japan invaded China's Qingdao City and forced Germany to surrender. In World War II, Japan invaded and enslaved Asian countries feigning to establish a great East Asia co-prosperity sphere. Once Japan obtains the right to start war, it could threaten the Asian-Pacific region and world peace again.

Meanwhile, Tokyo might support countries, such as the Philippines and Vietnam, which are currently engaged in territorial disputes with China that has resulted in turmoil of the South China Sea.

Tokyo may likely expand its army, which would lead to an armament's race in the Asian-Pacific region. Some leaders of Japanese Democratic Party have claimed that Japan may replace the mercenary system of conscription after lifting a ban on the collective Self-Defense Forces in order to acquire more advanced weaponry.

A nation that has a long history of waging wars of aggression should not have the right to possess powerful weapons, since that could destabilize the Asian-Pacific region for the years and decades to come.   


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Panview offers an alternative angle on China and the rest of the world through the analyses and opinions of experts. We also welcome outside submissions, so feel free to send in your own editorials to "globalopinion@vip.cntv.cn" for consideration.


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