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13th Five-Year Plan: Sprinting to a prosperous society

Editor: Li Kun 丨CCTV.com

10-28-2015 15:13 BJT

By Gu Jianjun, post doctorate of Central Compilation and Translation Bureau

Beijing has set two centenary goals to build a prosperous society. On October 26-29, the Communist Party of China (CPC) is convening the fifth plenary session of its 18th Central Committee to review the 13th Five-Year Plan for the national economy and social development.


Achievements of the 12th plan period (2011-15)

The five-year plan has played an important role for China's economic development.

The 12th plan started from 2011 and will end in 2015. The 18th CPC National Congress aims to double the gross domestic product (GDP) and per capita income from the 2010 levels by 2020. Since implementing the plan, China's economy has embarked on a high starting point with steady progress.

During the first four years of the plan, China's average annual GDP growth stood at 8%, higher than the world average annual growth rate by 2.5%, ranking the top of global economies.

Nationwide employment reached 770 million. Per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents grew with an average annual growth of 9.5%, faster than GDP growth.

Residents' household assets have kept at a steady increase. More than 30 million affordable houses were constructed nationwide. The urbanization rate increased to 54.77%. Per capita GDP in 2014 reached 7,589 US dollars, ranking at a level of middle and upper income countries.

China has entered a new stage.

2016-20: Decisive years

A moderately prosperous society was a landscape depicted by a thinker in ancient times. Now it represents the people's wish for a good life.

To build a moderately prosperous society in a country with a population of 1.3 billion is an unprecedented feat in history. From outlining a blueprint of a moderately prosperous society, China has ushered in a decisive period to achieve its long-cherished dream.

The 13th plan (2016-20)  is a decisive phase to complete building a moderately prosperous society in full sprint. Millions of people will struggle to achieve the first Centenary Goal.

Reaching the first Centenary Goal will offer a solid foundation for the second Centenary Goal to build a prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and modernized country.

During the 13th five-year plan, China's development environment, conditions, and tasks will undergo new changes. With international development, there are more opportunities than challenges.

Meeting a new normal, adapting to new norms, leading the new normal and maintaining sustainable and healthy economic and social development require new ideas, new thoughts and new initiatives.

13th Five-Year Plan: Achieve First Centenary Goal

The 13th Five-Year Plan signifies the last five years for achieving the first Centenary Goal. This plan is the first five-year plan for the national economy and social development guided by the CPC Central Committee led by the top Party leader, Xi Jingping.

The 13th Five-Year Plan  involves 10 objectives:

1, To maintain economic growth; 2, to transform economic development mode; 3, to adjust and optimize industrial structure; 4, to push innovation-driven development; 5, to accelerate the pace of agricultural modernization; 6, to reform institutional mechanisms; 7, to promote coordinated development; 8, to strengthen ecological civilization; 9, to secure and improve people's livelihoods; 10, to promote poverty alleviation and development.

To strengthen the construction of ecological civilization is adopted in the five-year plan for the first time. The CPC Central Committee will adhere to the strategy of the "four comprehensives", emphasizing development as the top priority.

The "Four Comprehensives" refer to building a moderately prosperous society, deepening reform, implementing the rule of law and strengthening Party discipline, which is the blueprint for China's future put forward by President Xi Jinping last December.

By promoting comprehensive development of the economy, politics, culture, society, ecology, and the Party building, the nation can build a moderately prosperous society for the great rejuvenation of China.


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