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Overseas Chinese look forward to China’s Thirteenth Five-Year Plan

Editor: Tong Xinxin 丨CCTV.com

10-30-2015 14:34 BJT

By Yang Ziyan(Journalist of People’s Daily)

The 5th Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee was held recently, and drew much attention from overseas Chinese. The Session focused on the thirteenth five-year plan, which outlines China’s development in the coming five years, and its global politics and economy, as well as personal interests for overseas Chinese.

China’s development benefits the world

An article in the Wall Street Journal states that China’s economic growth accounts for one third of the world’s economic development.

"Although China’s economic growth is slowing down, it is not an economic crisis that occurs in the history of other countries. I think it is a wise decision that the Chinese leadership makes after seizing up the situation in order to address problems arising during previous rapid economic growth," said Li Dexian,  head of the China-U.S. Public Diplomacy Association.

"Judging from my recent observation on China’s urban, rural and mountainous regions, the Chinese economy is steady overall, the material supply is abundant and people feel happiness. The situation in China overall is very optimistic. The blueprint of the Session is expected to bring China a more promising future."

But this does not mean that China’s economy is problem-free. “Free-trade zones and cross-border e-commerce pilot zones have been established in many places, but detailed specifications are not formulated promptly, putting enterprises, which have invested in these zones in dilemma. Efforts to revise Northeastern China have not produced the expected results. Lessons need to be learned from it,” Said Shi Lei, a Chinese businessman residing in Thailand.

Moving forward on opening up and innovations

"Why is it so difficult to break into foreign markets for Chinese enterprises, especially for small and medium-sized Chinese enterprises? Even if they attempt to enter foreign markets, why do most of them still fail to prosper?"

Zhang Rongjun, president of Overseas Chinese Association in Saint Petersburg, Russia, hopes that the issue of Chinese enterprises securing stronger positioning in foreign markets is put on the agenda for the thirteenth five-year plan. "Our enterprises are usually interested in the data and the market, but neglect the people."

"Before breaking into the foreign markets, Chinese enterprises should receive more training, regarding not only the language but also the culture, to understand local customs, laws, and negotiation habits," said Zhang.

Han Dongqi, president of the Overseas Chinese Association in Tajikistan, hopes for implementation of the country’s One Belt One Road Strategy. “More mutual cooperation means more trades, visitors, and cultural exchanges, thereby spawning more business opportunities in a virtuous cycle.”

The focus of Dr. Xu Deqing, first director of China-U.S. Association for Promoting Economy, Trade and Science, is on "Made in China 2025."

"I recommend that during implementation of the thirteenth five-year plan, China can promote computer simulation platforms for private enterprises in the machinery-intensive areas," Xu said.

He added, "This is the most important imperative for advancing transformation and upgrading small and medium-sized Chinese enterprises to improve their innovation abilities."

Pay more attention to cultural influence

"In the past, we often talked about learning advanced experiences and excellent traditions from Germany. In recent years, the cultural and industrial communities of Germany are active in understanding China and hope to learn from the country," said Guo Jian, Secretary of German Artistic Design and Exchange Association.

This is the most obvious change that he has experienced during his years in Germany. He recommends, "China should show its excellent culture to the world through economic growth."

"As a veteran volunteer of the British Association for Promoting Chinese Education, I am glad to see China is devoting more efforts to promote the Chinese language overseas," said Huang Ping, Secretary of Zhejiang Association in Britain

She added, "I hope China can provide well-round support for excellent organizations of volunteers devoted to promoting Chinese language abroad, which can spread Chinese culture among future generations of overseas Chinese."

"It can also encourage future generations of the overseas Chinese to learn Chinese culture and stimulate healthy development of the Chinese language around the world," Huang said

(Source: Overseas edition of People’s Daily)


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