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Europe refugee crisis high on the agenda of G20 Summit

Reporter: Natalie Carney 丨 CCTV.com

11-15-2015 14:27 BJT

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The refugee and migrant crisis in Europe will also feature high on the agenda at the G20. The European Union is facing an unprecedented influx of people from the Middle East and North Africa. Germany is pushing for a mandatory quota system for all EU member countries. It comes as a number of governments have begun rolling back the welcome mat for refugees as the burden continues to mount.

These are just some of the faces caught paying the price of this humanitarian nightmare.

A park in central Istanbul has been taken over by Afghans.

After selling all they owned to escape the threats of Taliban and ISIL insurgents back home, these people are now stuck in Turkey with little to no money to move on.

As doors continue to close across Europe and winter approaches, they say they are desperate.

Kasim has been living in this park for 2 months.

"We need help, we want to work. What else can I do? I don’t have any money but I want to go, if any government will help us. The Turkish government has to help us. Afghanistan is in a very bad situation," Afghan refugee Kasim said.

But the Turkish government has been helping the refugees – to the tune of 8.5 billion usd – of which only400 million usd was from international aid support.

Yet most of that has gone towards those escaping the war in neighbouring Syria, leaving Afghans and refugees from other countries feeling left out.

But other factors related, in part, to Turkey’s 2.2 million new “guests” have also been hurting Turkey’s economy.

"Turkey did not receive much from international donor organizations. Economically its been a lot of a tax burden over Turkeys economic affairs. Beyond that, the real cost is coming from the social cost. We see the tragic pictures on the TV screens and everywhere and that has brought upon Turkey a kind of social burden, in terms of the human dimension," said Sedat Aybar, political analyst, Aydin University.

Turkey’s main opposition party, the CHP, says the country has lost upwards of 8 billion usd in lost trade and plummeting tourism in the last four years.

Ankara is looking to prosperous Europe to help by taking in more than the near 850,000 Germany (800,000), England (20,000) and France (24,000) have committed to over the next 5 years.

But newer EU members are opposing plans for mandatory quotas.

"Personally I wasn’t happy to leave Kabul. My family told me we had to leave because of the Taliban threat," Kasim said.

The EU wants to give Turkey 3.2 billion usd to keep the refugees, but this proposal Turkey has not been received favourably.

"The figures involved are secondary; what's most important is that we share the burden of this crisis in a way that's fair. Unfortunately over the last four years Turkey has been left on its own by the international community in the face of this crisis, this human tragedy. We have borne the costs and the consequences alone," Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu said.

As the leaders of the 20 most influential countries meet in the picture perfect resort city of Antalya along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, millions of people will be hoping their decisions won’t cost them...their lives...

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