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“China-ROK FTA” to promote cooperation in the film and TV industry

Editor: Tong Xinxin 丨CCTV.com

12-08-2015 15:47 BJT

By Li Zhenran, CNTV Commentator

Last Monday, South Korea's Parliament ratified its Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China after having 196 affirmative votes, 33 negative votes and 36 abstention votes. Hopefully, the FTA will take effect before the end of this year.


Although there will be a transition period, once the agreement takes full effect, more than 90% of the products between China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) will be able to enter both countries with zero tariffs.

The bilateral trade volume is expected to exceed US$300 billion annually. This is the largest FTA for China in terms of the trade volume and the areas it covers.

This agreement will not only accelerate mutual benefits brought by trade liberalization, but will also solve the core concern between China and the ROK's cooperation in audio-visual co-production. Although the specific provisions of the agreement have not been disclosed, the film and television circles from both countries are anticipating rosy prospects.

South Korea is one of the leaders in the cultural industry both in Asia and in the world. China's cultural industry is gaining momentum with better policies and improved market conditions. Chinese experts in the field anticipate both pressure from competition and prospects for cooperation in the film industry resulting from the "China-ROK FTA".

The "China-ROK FTA" will make it easier for South Korean film and television products as well as high-end talent to enter the Chinese market. During the initial stage, it is unlikely that there will be a negative impact on China's film and television industry. Instead, the agreement will assist China’s cultural industry in terms of personnel training, product innovation and market promotion.

Under the "China-ROK FTA" framework, the film and television industry will be further strengthened resulting in win-win cooperation. More importantly, enhanced by the China-ROK cooperation, Chinese film and television products are expected to become more popular and are likely to gain a good reputation in South Korea. Gradually Chinese films will become famous in Asia and in the rest of the world.

China and South Korea, have a number of advantages in the cultural industries, namely, China's film market is huge with abundant capital while South Korea has experienced production teams. China-ROK cooperation in film and television industry has already obtained fruitful achievements. China has introduced dozens of copyright Korean reality shows. The two neighbors have a good relationship in the radio and television industries due to the cooperative efforts of actors and production teams. Chinese film and television production funding agencies continue to invest in Korean TV and film projects.

"China-ROK FTA" also provides more promising collaborative opportunities for both nations. China's goal is not just to enter the Korean market and other Asian countries, but also targeting European and other Western mainstream markets. China's film and television industry, under the China-ROK cooperation framework, can accumulate experience and gain opportunities for cooperation with other advanced countries. This will also help Chinese cultural enterprises expand abroad and draw more countries' attention and cooperation.

In the long term, the "China-ROK FTA" can play a positive role in promoting China and South Korea in the film and television industry. The two parties can work collaboratively and identify ways of entering Hollywood.


( The opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Panview or CCTV.com. )



Panview offers a new window of understanding the world as well as China through the views, opinions, and analysis of experts. We also welcome outside submissions, so feel free to send in your own editorials to "globalopinion@vip.cntv.cn" for consideration.

Panview offers an alternative angle on China and the rest of the world through the analyses and opinions of experts. We also welcome outside submissions, so feel free to send in your own editorials to "globalopinion@vip.cntv.cn" for consideration.


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