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Notice of 'Happiness to Everyone—Calligraphy Assembly for Chinese Youth around the World'

Editor: Chen Yue 丨CCTV.com

12-17-2015 15:07 BJT

Full coverage: Calligraphy Assembly for Chinese Youth Around the World

Spring Festival is approaching, and to encourage Chinese people around the world to participate in Chinese traditional folk activities, create a joyous and harmonious atmosphere for the upcoming new year, and stimulate positive energy, the Brand Project “Happiness to Everyone” is co-hosted by CCTV, China Yinglian Institution, China Calligraphers Association and National Library of China and sponsored by CNTV, according to the requirements of Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China. This year, the activity is developed into a global cultural activity. We have planned the online crowd funding project “Happiness to Everyone—Calligraphy Assembly for Chinese Youth around the World.” 

It targets Chinese youth around the world aged below 18. “Chinese Youth Calligraphy” Stars will be chosen online to participate in the recording of such programs as “Happiness to Everyone,” and “Chinese Children Talent Show” in the 2016 CCTV Online Spring Festival Gala. This activity embodies the Chinese spirit and the humanity ideas branded with the style of times, presents the Chinese spirit of “Reading Books for Self-Cultivating and Devotion to China,” carries forward the good traditions and encourages cultural creativity. It serves as a platform for Chinese youth around the world to happily grow up with the support of the society. It is also a precious opportunity for them to show talents and exchange with each other.

1.Title of the Activity

“Happiness to Everyone—Calligraphy Assembly for Chinese Youth around the World.”

2.Participants of the Activity

This activity targets at young calligraphers aged from 6 to 18 and calligraphic works of children aged below six will be selected.

3.Theme of the Activity

 The activity is aimed at “promoting and developing the Chinese nation’s culture and spirit,” and themed “best wishes for the new year.” It aims to express good wishes and expectations for our motherland China, all the families and friends and a better future. It also demonstrates the China dream of “enriching the country, rejuvenating the nation and bringing happiness to people.”

Additionally, the online submission will include a special part, namely “Show of Intangible Cultural Heritage.” We provide a platform for children across the world to present the meaning of Chinese character “福”(happiness)in variety forms, such as paper-cutting, embroidery, tie-dye, batik, collage, clay, sand painting, even martial arts and dance. It will become a theme activity with Chinese New Year atmosphere and characteristics of the new media in which global Chinese people can participate. 

4.Requirement of the Activity

Online submission of Spring Festival couplets, blessings, a Chinese character of “福” (happiness) related to the theme of the activity (New Year blessings).

5.Timetable of the Activity

5.1 Online submission

From now to 24:00 on Dec. 31, 2015 (Beijing time)

5.2 Expert assessment 

From Dec. 31, 2015 to Jan. 1, 2016, experts will select best works after the first round of assessment. And the list of finalists and their works will be published on the official website.

5.3 Public vote

From Jan. 1, 2015 to Jan.18, 2016, all the finalists’ works will be published on the official website. Netizens around the world can choose to “like” or vote for their favorite works. One can vote by searching the number of the work and vote on one’s cell-phone. The finalists can also share vote links to the Moments to attract more attention and more votes.

5.4 Live activity

From Dec. 10, 2015 to Jan. 18, 2016, participants can take part in the live activities in six contest sites around China. In the end, five excellent players will be chosen by on-line voting and experts’ assessment.

5.5 Beijing Finals

Excellent players chosen across the world will participate in the program recording of Beijing Finals.

5.6 Awarding ceremony

After the Beijing Finals, the awards ceremony will be held in Beijing.

5.7 Extended display

All the participants will have the opportunity to show their works on CNTV.com and participate in the series of promotion activities.

After the 2016 Spring Festival, there will be a tour exhibition of best works.

6.Submission channels

6.1 You can submit your work through WeChat platform or scanning QR code on our official website.

 Users can search and follow the subscription accounts “熊猫小学童”(“Little Panda Learner”) on WeChat, and reply “投稿” (Submit), then you can get the link to submit your work; you can upload the picture of your work by clicking “我要投稿” (I want to submit) on the bottom of the page; according to the instructions. Please fill in your personal information in detail and information of your work; after successfully uploading your work and filling in the information, users could get a unique entry ID to take part in the activity.

Official website: 


6.2 Participants and tutors should fill in their personal information and the information of the work in detail. The finalists and candidates for the “100 Chinese Youth Calligraphy Stars” will receive the notice by WeChat or e-mail

6.3 Winners of the “100 Chinese Youth Calligraphy Stars” should submit their original works for the exhibition of best works on the awarding ceremony.

7.Rules for Participation

7.1 The original piece of calligraphic work is required to be color photo and its size should be between 138cm*34cm and 138cm*68cm. Please keep the original work for later print or publication.

7.2 The uploaded photo must be jpg form and less than 3M in size. The photo should not be embellished and any participant who embellishes the photo deliberately will be disqualified;

7.3 The photo to be uploaded should betaken by digital camera, cellphone or be scanned and should be adjusted in size, light intensity, contrast ratio and color balance;

7.4 Every participant can only upload one work with his real name, otherwise the participant will not be qualified to win the prize;

7.5 Calligraphic works in paper form will not be accepted.

8.Rules for Voting

8.1 Every user can vote for different works every day.

8.2 Every user can only vote once for an individual work in a week.

To ensure that the voting process is fair and standardized, the host will set limit on the times that one IP user can vote so as to eliminate cheating behavior. Any participant who is found cheating will be disqualified. 


9.1 The committee invited world famous art critics, heads of art institutions, prominent painting and calligraphy artists from home and abroad as well as experts on art education for children to form a judging panel to assess the participants’ work, to award them, to give advice and to lead them onto the right way to art.

9.2 All the participants will be given electronic certificates of participation and their works will be kept on the website of CNTV.com. The finalists of the year’s Calligraphy Assembly for Chinese Youth around the World will be awarded with certificates made of different sorts of paper, products for calligraphy, free courses of calligraphy. Those who win the competition will be awarded with trophies and will have the opportunity to participate in the recording of two CCTV’s programs in 2016—“Happiness to Everyone” and “Chinese Children Talent Show.”

9.3 The committee will award active and excellent participating schools and social institutions with “Excellent Organization Prize” and teachers who made great contributions to this activity with “Excellent Tutor Prize.”

This activity is non-profit and will not charge any fee. Those who breach this rule are subject to punishment.   


Hosts: CCTV, China Calligraphers Association, China Yinglian Institution, and

National Library of China

Sponsor: CNTV

Institutions for academic guidance: The Youth Work Committee of China Calligraphers Association, China Calligraphy and Painting Education Association (under the Education Ministry), Chinese Young Pioneers Business Development Center.

Co-hosts: Publicity department of municipalities, education bureaus and TV station at different places, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and Chinese Calligraphy Associations.

11.Contact with the Committee

Address: Wanghailou Chinese Network Television channel for painting and calligraphy, West Sanhuan Road No. 10, Haidian District, Beijing.

Tele : 010-88428005, 010-88428002

Website: http://arts.cntv.cn/special/qqhrsnsfdh/index/

Official WeChat: 熊猫小学童 (Little Panda Learner)

Official WeChat : CNTV 艺术

E-mail: yishutai@vip.cntv.cn

Please scan the QR code and follow the subscription accounts "熊猫小学童" ("Little Panda Learner") to enroll and submit your work.

Please scan the QR code and follow the subscription accounts "熊猫小学童" ("Little Panda Learner") to enroll and submit your work.

Please scan the QR code and follow the subscription accounts "熊猫小学童" ("Little Panda Learner") to enroll and submit your work.

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