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Highlighting the 12th National Congress of Vietnam Communist Party

Editor: Li Kun 丨CCTV.com

01-18-2016 19:37 BJT

By Ling Dequan, Researcher, Center for World Affairs Studies, Xinhua News Agency

After lengthy preparations, the 12th National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam (VCP) will be held in Hanoi on Jan. 20-28, which is a significant event for Vietnam.


CNTV reporter Li Shouen interviewed Ling Dequan, a researcher of Center for World Affairs Studies under Xinhua News Agency.

Q1. Could you please introduce the Vietnam Communist Party (VCP)?

A: President Ho Chi Minh established the VCP on February 3, 1930 in Hong Kong. It is the sole legal political party among the 93 million population of Vietnam today.

In the 86 years of ups and downs, the VCP had assumed the leadership of the Vietnamese working class and those fighting against colonialist and imperialist aggression.

They had achieved the historical victory of national independence and unity.

There are about 4.5 million Party members in Vietnam, the second-largest ruling party in the world today.

Q2: What are the preparations for the 12th National Congress?

According to the VCP Constitution, they hold a national congress every five years. They endorse important documents of the Party, and elect the Party leadership.

The 11th VCP Central Committee had conducted much preparatory work for the 12th congress, which would focus on two major issues.

They plan to adopt a political report that summarizes the innovations over the past 30 years and the work of the 11th Central Committee in the past 5 years and  endorses the direction and goals of economic and social development of 2016-2020. The second is about personnel.

They will elect a new VCP Central Committee, members of the Political Bureau, the Secretariat and General Secretary.

The VCP held numerous plenary sessions for the 12th  National  Congress, discussed how to improve documents of the General Assembly and nomination of personnel program.

The 3-day 14th Plenary Session of the 11th National Congress of the VCP was  concluded on January 13, one week before the 12th Congress.

VCP General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said that the 14th Plenary Session holds "special significance". It has passed approval of the Vietnam government signing the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) Agreement.

By secret ballot, they passed the nominations of the  next  political Bureau, the Secretariat, and Party and State leadership, as well as the name lists for the Presidium and the Secretariat of the 12th VCP National  Congress, all with high votes.

Nguyen Phu Trong said in his closing speech that the 12th CVP National Congress has "got ready."

Q3: What are the highlights of the 12th Congress?

A: There are many. As early as last September, the 12th Congress draft document has already been published to solicit views inside and outside the Party.

The draft document inherited the fundamental ideas which have adhered to the VCP over the years, and including many new expressions.

From Vietnamese media reports, there have been some disagreements inside and outside the VCP.

Some problems are related to "what flag to hold" and "which path to go along," which reflected the complexity of Vietnamese domestic situation in the current international context.

The 12th National Congress of VCP final adoption of the major document is a notable attraction.

Historical experience shows that although the document is important, the cadre team from top to bottom is the decisive factor, especially the leadership of the Party and the State.

The brightest point is the major personnel changes of the 12th National Congress of the VCP. From the VCP Central Committee to the Politburo and members of the Secretariat, the replacement range will be the largest ever in the VCP.

In accordance with provisions of the VCP, except for some "exceptional circumstances," those Central Committee members, Politburo and Secretariat members who are over 65 years old will all retire from leadership posts, and get replaced by new cadres.

From the top Party and the national ruling bodies to the Central and State ministries, Party and government organizations at provincial and municipal level,  a large number of new hires will embark on major leadership positions.

Vietnam is in a transition period, the cadre - old and new - replacements would be the most important features.  A new generation of leaders will determine the future direction of the VCP.

Q4: What are the major new trends and characteristics of the 12th National Congress?

A: According to Vietnam's authoritative official media and officials in charge, "hostile forces and political opportunists" activities have gotten more rampant as the 12th National Congress of VCP is approaching.

The internet, social networking sites and cell phone text messages are full of information of all kinds of attacks, subversion against the VCP leadership, elimination of Vietnam socialist political system, advocating a multi-party system and open letters and opinions advocating political pluralism and freedom.

They write false articles, information, so-called insiders, and rumors to discredit the VCP and the political system to confuse people’s minds and eyes, undermining the trust of people to the Party, inciting people’s relationship with the Party and sabotaging the 12th Congress.

They seek to instigate a "color revolution." Such disturbances have already become an established practice whenever the VCP holds a National Congress or other major event.

Nevertheless, the situation of the internet and major public opinions appears to be an unprecedented complexity. The struggle is fierce. The direct leadership of the central media has adopted a variety of opinion control and counter measures.

The Vietnamese military and police forces have also been deployed to ensure political and social stability to defend the success of the 12th Congress. 

The 12th Congress has drawn much global media attention, which have focused on its processes, results and impact.

As one of Vietnamese friendly neighbors, the Chinese Communist Party and State leaders have expressed their best wishes for the success of the 12th National Congress of the VCP.

(The End)


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