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Firework explosion leaves two dead, six injured in Tangshan


12-26-2016 10:41 BJT

The factory blast in Hebei province was so violent that people in the neighborhood say they thought it was an earthquake.

A deadly explosion. Leaving houses nearby collapsed or shattered. The explosion happened around 1 o'clock Saturday afternoon. The center of it is believed to have once been a production plant for fireworks.

The explosion happened here is devastating, and you can see It has left a large crater. Local police are still trying to find out why these fireworks have been stored here, how many of these fireworks have been stored here and what has caused the explosion.

The explosion this afternoon has flatten this place, and cause serious damage to housed nearby. These houses have all been seriously damaged. Local fire workers are still trying to find out the clues regarding why these dangerous fireworks are stored here and what has caused the explosion.

Some injured residents were relocated to hotels nearby. Many are still in shock.

"I thought it was an earthquake and rushed outside," said Wang Xiuyun, local resident.

"It was very loud and the windows and glasses shattered," said Yang Chunxing, local resident.

According to local police, the owner of the plant is under custody. Illegal activities may have been involved in the incident. What caused the explosion is still unclear.

"We are organizing people to check door by door to count the number of people and check the damage of houses," said Ren Yihe, Deputy Party Secretary of Bai Guantun Town, Fenrun District, Tangshan City.

China has strictly forbidden illegal production and distribution of fireworks, which are very dangerous and must be handled with extreme caution. Yet, many risk their lives for the high profit. 

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