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CNTV English招聘实习生

1. 北京高校的英语或相关专业在校大三、大四学生或一二年级研究生;
2. 实习期至少3个月。
联系方式 请在邮件主题中注明自己的姓名和“应聘实习生”字样。

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about CCTV or, please feel free to leave us a message or send a letter or email.
We will be very pleased to hear from you. Please make sure that you give program-specifc information (e.g. Culture Expess, Biz China) in your message or email.

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Q: Why can´t I watch the videos while the live broadcast works ok?

Pls update your flash player and try again. If it still doesn´t work, pls describe the problem in detail and send an email to so we can determine the nature of the problem and find a solution. What videos can play on your computer? What others cannot? Give one example for each so we can know the difference. A screenprint picture in the email is highly recommended.

Q: Can I watch live sports games on CCTV News?

There are no live sports games on CCTV News. "Sports Scene" is a daily sports news program on CCTV News. But you can watch major world games live on the Chinese-language sports channel CCTV-5.
English guide for major world sports games live on CCTV-5 >>
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CCTV-News Live Streaming Service
You can watch CCTV-News live either on the P2P platform or the conventional CDN. Click on the links below to begin an enjoyable experience.   
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Guide for P2P use
1. If this is your first time to use P2P, please click the pop-up dialog box to install player plugin.
2. If it doesn´t play automatically, please refresh the web page to try again.
3. Versions of Windows 2000 or above, above Internet Explorer 5.5 are recommended. Media Player 9 or above is also needed.
4. If it still doesn´t play, please click the link below to download and install the player plugin manually.
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Embassy: 2 Chinese nationals aboard capsized S Korean ship

The Chinese embassy in Seoul has confirmed two Chinese citizens were on board the ferry. Staff from the embassy has visited their families. Of the ferry’s 475 passengers, 9 have been confirmed dead. 179 people have been rescued and 287 are still missing.

Eight dead, 14 hurt in fatal highway accident in S. Philippines

Eight people were killed and over a dozen others were injured when a wayward truck plowed to several vehicles along a national road in this southern Philippine city over the weekend, police said Sunday.

Fmr Egyptian president accused of ordering killing of activists

Morsi is accused of ordering the killing of activists on December 5th 2012. The brief session was televised, but some Egyptians are beginning to lose interest in the drawn out trial.