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CNTV English招聘实习生

1. 北京高校的英语或相关专业在校大三、大四学生或一二年级研究生;
2. 实习期至少3个月。
联系方式 请在邮件主题中注明自己的姓名和“应聘实习生”字样。

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If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about CCTV or, please feel free to leave us a message or send a letter or email.
We will be very pleased to hear from you. Please make sure that you give program-specifc information (e.g. Culture Expess, Biz China) in your message or email.

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Q: Why can´t I watch the videos while the live broadcast works ok?

Pls update your flash player and try again. If it still doesn´t work, pls describe the problem in detail and send an email to so we can determine the nature of the problem and find a solution. What videos can play on your computer? What others cannot? Give one example for each so we can know the difference. A screenprint picture in the email is highly recommended.

Q: Can I watch live sports games on CCTV News?

There are no live sports games on CCTV News. "Sports Scene" is a daily sports news program on CCTV News. But you can watch major world games live on the Chinese-language sports channel CCTV-5.
English guide for major world sports games live on CCTV-5 >>
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P2P Streaming

CCTV-News Live Streaming Service
You can watch CCTV-News live either on the P2P platform or the conventional CDN. Click on the links below to begin an enjoyable experience.   
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Guide for P2P use
1. If this is your first time to use P2P, please click the pop-up dialog box to install player plugin.
2. If it doesn´t play automatically, please refresh the web page to try again.
3. Versions of Windows 2000 or above, above Internet Explorer 5.5 are recommended. Media Player 9 or above is also needed.
4. If it still doesn´t play, please click the link below to download and install the player plugin manually.
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