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  • Four Roads to Lhasa

    Four Roads to Lhasa

    In September, 2012, 14 set out of four locations of Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai and Xinjiang and ended at Tibet for month. They would explore the magnificent scenary and the charms of this vast , snow-covered land.

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  • A Bite of China

    A Bite of China

    The Chinese Food and Culture Festival is an activity in the @CHINA series, and will be held at CSU Long Beach. With "Chinese Delicacy" as its general theme, the main event will be a competition for marketing campaigns in California for the culinary documentary A Bite of China, produced by China Central Television (CCTV).

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  • Film "The Grandmaster"

    Film "The Grandmaster"

    "Why are martial arts called kung fu? In Chinese, kung fu also means time. It´s a demanding field to explore and I knew it would take a long time....

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  • Stage Drama of Huangmei Opera Yan Fengying

    Stage Drama of Huangmei Opera Yan Fengying

    Yan Fengying, born in 1930, a country girl from Luojialing in Tongcheng County, Anhui Province. She began to learn Huangmei Opera at the age of 13. A versatile performer who played a variety of roles.

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  • Harmonious Yunnan

    Harmonious Yunnan

    Colorful Yunnan, Tourism Paradise. Enthusiastic and hospitable people here welcome friends from home and abroad to enjoy the beauty, myths and mysteries of Yunnan

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