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CCTV-News Shows Brand-new Look in November

11-24-2010 14:05 BJT


CCTV English Channel was revised to English News Channel on April 26, 2010, and the audience performance was improved significantly. According to the Survey Report on Audience Rating of CCTV-NEWS in Greater Los Angeles Area (June 21 to 27, 2010) provided by CTA, the gap between CCTV-NEWS after revision and international mainstream channels such as CNN and BBC was narrowed. The audience share in that week was as follows: CNN 14.48%, FOX 13.42%, CCTV-NEWS 13.06% and BBCAM 1.34%, indicating that CCTV-NEWS had almost the same audience share with CNN.

In order to highlight "Chinese viewpoint, oriental perspective and internationalized expression" and emphasize the positioning of CCTV to "link to Asia for you", CCTV decides to adjust the English News Channel in all-round way in mid November.

1.To optimize channel arrangement, enhance pertinency and arrange key news programs at the prime time of Asia, Europe and America

At present, English News Channel has the news debut release ratio of 45% and news self-gathering ratio of 25%; after the revision, the news debut release ratio will reach 50% and news self-gathering ratio of 35%. After the revision, the Channel will adjust the broadcasting time of key news programs according to the prime time of Asia, Europe and America and increase news update volume to meet the demands of the audience in different regions.

According to the audience performance survey report above, the audience performance of CNN and FOX increased significantly at weekend than other time, and the special program arrangement for weekend is popular among local audience. English News Channel also plans to make special arrangement for the programs on Saturday and Sunday so as to make its programs more attractive to the audience in Europe and America.

2.To realize intensive production for feature programs and arrange the broadcast of programs precisely

There are eight feature programs after integration, which are Rediscovering China, Story Board, Discovery, Nature and Science, Travelogue, Center Stage, Learning Chinese and Cross Over. These feature programs are all produced by the Program Department of Foreign Language Channel and provided to English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian channels for broadcast.

In order to meet the demands of the audience in different regions, English News Channel will reduce the broadcast volume of feature programs in the afternoon (Beijing time) and increase that after midnight (prime time of Europe and Africa) and in the morning of Beijing time (prime time of America), so as to broadcast feature programs in balanced way in the program arrangement of the channel in a whole day.

3.To enhance the report ability of "making China as the center" and significantly increase the report of Chinese news and the international news related to China

All the 30 emergency report stations in China will be equipped with English reporters by the end of this year. In addition, 22 bilingual (Chinese-English) and trilingual (Chinese-English-French; Chinese-English-Arabic) reporter teams will be organized in the head office in Beijing to be responsible for the interview and report of important domestic news and significant sudden incidents.

Efforts will be made to expand overseas accredited reporter team to cover about 20 cities by the end of this year from 12 cities now in Asia as well as key areas in America, Europe and Africa, so as to significantly improve the capability of English News Channel in sending back report at the site where international news originates from.

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