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Is oil exploitation more important than environment protection?

Debate Air Time: May. 9, 2010
The oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is a reminder of the dangers of offshore drilling. Some media say oil lead to pollutions, and even regional conflicts. They think oil is evil and call for new energy alternatives. But oil and gas has dominated our modern lives. Is oil exploitation more important than environment protection?

Yes, because we live in the oil age.
Yes, but oil should be replaced by clean energies gradually.
No, oil exploitation must be reduced as soon as possible.

Has the European economic integration failed to bring stability?

Greece gripped world headlines after securing a 110billion Euro aid packages. But the bailout has failed to bring stability to the debt-stricken country. Stringent economic measures required by the plan have attracted controversy in Greece, amid worries that the debt crisis could spread to other eurozone countries.

Yes. It only helps spread economic instability.
No. It brings economic development to the region.
No. It brings economic benefits as well as problems to the region.

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Does the new US nuclear strategy make the world safer?

Obama approved a new nuclear policy for the U.S., the Nuclear Posture Review, vowing to reduce America´s nuclear arsenal. But some analysts say he still has a long way to go to fulfill his strategy.
Do you agree with them?

Yes, it's a positive step toward a non-nuclear world.
No, it doesn't bring anything new.
No, it will lead to more nuclear development.

Is China a threat to India?

As emerging developing countries, China and India are facing common tasks and challenges, and share broad common interests and responsibilities as well. They are two largest developing countries in the world with about 40 percent of the world population.With China´s rapid growth of economy, will the two nations achieve win-win results? What´s your Opinion?

Yes, because of China's rapid development in both economy and military.
Yes, but India will catch up with China soon.
No, China and India can cooperate and emerge at the same time.