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china is good .i hope china is better tomorrow!


great all the time


Wonderful ! so many peaple


Shanghai Expo is a great success .


I was disappointed that I can´t go to visit Shanghai World Expo. But I pay attention to it all the time. All the volunteers are respectable. Thank you for their sweety services ,they reprents our country´s sprits . Seeing the closing ceremony, I am excited. I hope our living cities can be better .


The two voices overlapping each other gets a bit annoying.

Eagle 2010-10-31



Go go China~!


Looking forward~~~~~~

zengfei 2010-09-08



the expo in china is coming the Paticfic country all over the pavillon and nice devote ,so that is the so good with shanghai.

rasheed naz 2010-08-04

See Expo news on CCTV . Very very interstig & informative .CCTV all pavilon coverage in Expo 2010.Expo quiz is very intersting.


hello hello


He is one of the best reporters at CCTV news


Hello Mangmang, I am amazed at how well you are doing in front of the camera, not only your presentation skills, but also your confidence. Good job! My comments seem unrelated to what you are reporting recently "Better city, better life". However, you are reporting the World Expo on behalf of China to the rest of the world in a very graceful way. This is probably indeed a good highlight of the Shanghai city:) All the best, Demi


This is my third visit to China staying with friends in Changsha. China will become the number one country in the world and it is very exciting for China. I hope China will learn from the mistakes of other countries as they expand major transport facilities with airtravel fast trains subway trains and good bus services. I also hope they allow their people to travel more and see other countries and other ways of life without restrictions. China cities must learn to be clean cities no garbage on the streets no pollution in the air. I hope China pursues the electric powered car and buses, China has the opportunity for change and show the world it is a great country to live in thankyou malcolm


We can´t really start talking about better life in a city until we tackle the issue of quality jobs. China has too many highly polluting, natural resource-intense manufacturing jobs, and not enough of knoledge-based service work. Time to shift to a more knoledge economy.

TAN S.T.2010-06-17

It is fantastic the best ever but overcrowded discourage people from going,talking about better life the most important part for any countries is clean water,air,less crime ,medical care for all and roof over the head,food ,corrouption the root of evil should be wipe out,overpopulation in city should be the thing of the past this is better city better life which is happening in some western countries like sweden,finland and norway.


Better city, better life means less pollution,less crime;more harmonious society,more prosperous economy, more developed science and technology.people´s life is more comfortable and wealthy.

zesheng zhou 2010-06-15

It is very excitde