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Swedish Pavilion: outside walls featuring map of capital, Pippi as tour guide

2009-12-29 13:32 BJT

Special Report: Shanghai World Expo 2010 |

The Swedish Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo has the theme "spirit of innovation." It seeks to use three keywords to describe the innovative country: innovation, communication and sustainability.

Rendering of the Swedish Pavilion at night
Rendering of the Swedish Pavilion at night

The pavilion is comprised of four cube-like structures. On the outside walls of the pavilion, people can see an artistic map of Stockholm; the gaps between the four cube-like pavilions form a huge "+" sign if looked at from the sky; Pippi Longstocking, a freckled and clever Swedish fairy tale character who is recognizable for her two pigtails, will serve as a tour guide for the pavilion, leading visitors on an interesting and innovative journey.

The small house called Villa Villekulla where Pippi lives
The small house called Villa Villekulla where Pippi lives

The construction of the pavilion has not been a problem financially

Half a year ago, Sweden was the first Northern European country to begin construction of its pavilion, and the project has the "spirit of innovation" as its theme.

When responding to the question of whether the financial crisis will influence Sweden's financing the project, Annika Rembe, the commissioner general for Sweden's participation in the Expo, said that most of funding is already in place. Early in 2007, the Swedish government decided to participate in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Therefore the Swedish government and other businesses planed to contribute 140 million Swedish Krona to the construction of the pavilion, with the two sides each contributing half of the total. Industrial and commercial enterprises, including Ikea, Volvo and SKF, will be expected to contribute around 80 million Krona.

Currently, the activities at the Swedish Pavilion during the Expo period are under arrangement. These activities will be held in the Swedish Pavilion, Expo Park area and other places in Shanghai. Characteristic performances popular on Swedish streets will be performed in the public areas of the pavilion and will include dancers, musicians, artists and choirs, including Cirkus Cirkor, the world-renowned entertainment company.


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