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Beijing promotes massive physical exercise program

08-16-2010 14:52 BJT

More than 3,000 staff members from all walks of life are completing their eighth sets of broadcast exercises in the Imperial Ancestral Temple square on August 10, 2010, in Beijing, and Li Ning’s (middle) movements are always behind the music because he is not familiar with the actions.

Facing 4 million staff in the city, the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions officially launched the work break exercise campaign on August 10. The labor union federation said that the promotion of the work break exercises is compulsory, but more importantly, it aims at guiding the staff to exercise.

The deputy mayor takes the lead in doing the exercise

At 10 a.m. on August 10, 3,000 workout instructors from all walks of life gave a demonstration at the square of the Working People's Cultural Palace, also called the Imperial Ancestral Temple in the past. Among them, Liu Jingmin, the Beijing Deputy Mayor, and Liang Wei, the president of the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, exercised with standard and skilled actions.

In order to promote the work break exercises, seven people including Li Ning and Li Suli were appointed as promotional ambassadors on August 10. Li Ning said it will not cause any delays in work or business to take some time to exercise. Instead, it is good for the health.

Regarding the current situation of promoting the work break exercises in Beijing enterprises and public institutions, Yu Junsheng, the deputy president of the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, said that the situation in public institutions is better than that of the state-owned enterprises, and the situation in state-owned enterprises is better than that of other enterprises. Yu said, "It is compulsory to carry out the work break exercises but more importantly, it will guide more people to learn about its advantages."

"Just as long as staff can move their bodies"

Yu said that there are many forms of work break exercises, apart from the broadcast exercises. The reason why the broadcast exercises are chosen as the main exercise form is that it has been held a very important position in the lives of people for generations. Moreover, the time for the exercise is fixed, at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. when people have worked for some time. Therefore, it is the best time to do exercises.

Yu believes that the broadcast exercises may not be the most suitable for all industries and groups. However, as long as people can benefit from physical exercises, they can do many types of workouts, "as long as the staff start doing exercises, they will feel the benefits.”

Problems and Solutions

The Beijing Federation of Trade Unions has summed up four difficulties on the promotion of the work break exercises and at the same time, developed corresponding solutions.

Yu said on August 10 that according to two days of